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The Year in Pictures: Project 365 (sort of)

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Normally for this post I’d be looking at all the pictures I had chosen for my picture of the day over at The Fair View and choosing the best motion, flower, object, etc.  But this year I’ll be doing things a bit differently because my Project 365 went a bit differently.  This was year 4, begun with gusto and ambition. But….(like many things this year) it fizzled. And one day in the fall I decided to just. stop. and you know what? I felt better for it. I’m sorry to leave The FairView, but the fact is very few people looked at it, more people looked at Flickr, and I decided to just make a new set noting my favorites of the year. Now when it was 11pm and I hadn’t taken a picture I didn’t feel the burden of needing to find a picture. Nor did I have to feel guilty when I didn’t post to the blog in a timely manner.  Did I still take thousands of pictures this year? Yes, I did. And like before, a combination of just capturing our family’s life, as well as seeking out more unusual or artistic photo challenges for myself. Speaking of photo challenges, this year I also participated in a Flickr photo scavenger hunt–113 in 2013.  Again, started with great enthusiasm, but….  it didn’t go so well. The final two days of the year I was madly trying to find pictures that fit the categories, or take the remaining pictures.  Not really the spirit of the challenge, and not super fun.  I’ve figured out for myself that a long list of things to photograph is just too hard to get my head around.  I can never remember (even if I carry a paper with me) what the things are, so it’s hard for me to keep an eye out for them, and I also get too caught up in finding the “perfect” or “clever” shot, instead of just something that fits the bill. So I don’t think I’ll be doing 114 in 2014. I noticed this year many more pictures of Tabby than Clark. A combination of she’s a show-off who loves to have her picture taken, and she’s home for half the day with me and becomes my automatic subject while he’s at school. But don’t worry Clark, I still think you’re adorable and funny and worthy of pictures! So, this is awfully wordy for a “best pictures of the year” post, let’s get to the photos!:

Best guinea pig picture: At the beginning of the year there were many baby guinea pig pics. This was a one at six days old. I love the angle I used, capturing the preposterous whiskers.
6 days old
As for grown-up pigs, this is a librarian favorite, of classified Nibbles (and one that was very popular amongst my librarian friends on Facebook and it seemed like I should have been able to make money off of it as a poster or something!)
#46 for 113 in 2013: A Pet   636.5392
And of course there were many outdoor photo sessions with the pigs, combinations of pets, and dressed up for the holidays.
Best Clark,posed:
candid: this picture cracks me up because I look at it and immediately know how hard he’s laughing. He was spinning on a playground thing that made him so dizzy he collapsed in a hysterical heap on the ground.
Playground fun
and this one which makes me laugh because he looks like a kid who just scored a goal, but that’s actually not what he was so happy about! But, I still think it’s a wonderful picture of him:
Best Tabby,posed: So staged, with props, and I just love it.
In your Easter bonnet...
Then there was this one, taken on a misty December morning.  I was really pleased with the use of black and white for this one.
Misty Woodland Elf

as for candid, let’s be honest. There are few pictures of Tabby where she doesn’t know you’re taking her picture! Although you can’t see her face here, I thought this was a great picture for her posture, the dog’s posture, and the crisp color.
Tsk, tsk
Best Flower: As usual, I took many pictures of flowers. So many it may be hard to choose. Of course there were peonies and tulips, and roses too. Buds, blossoms, flowers with insects on them, and so on. You can check out entire sets of the year’s garden, as well as all flowers, over at flickr. Here’s the best peony:
Bloom Day for Peonies
And an iris I was especially taken with for the angle:
And a delicate cosmo:
Graceful cup of a cosmo
Best Chicken: with so many baby chicks born at our house this year, there were many baby chick photos. They were so cute I couldn’t stop taking pictures! Though the background of this photo is not great, I just loved the capture of the little one copying his mom:
Little Yellow & Mom and I liked this close-up:
Two Chicks
Best Motion I usually choose something here capturing a freeze frame of a leap or jump, but this year I love this long exposure that makes Clark look like his legs are running in circles like a cartoon character, and like he is rocket propelled:
#53: Long Exposure (113 in 2013): Jet Pack
Best Food: Looking at the food set can make me downright hungry, which I guess means the pictures are good (the food too!)
Mexican Lasagna


Best Beach-this is always hard to choose, because I love beach pictures-the light! the waves! The cheer! And this year we had an actual vacation at the beach so every day was pictures of people in the water, playing in the sand, and dolphins. These were my favorites:
Rough waters

#6 Strong Rule of Thirds (113 in 2013)
Best? Just all around good favorites this year: I loved this picture, capturing the moment of two girls having fun, playing music, laughing, and running. I’m glad I went black and white for this one.

I like this next picture for the pop of color against the drab muddy spring. I think the happiness in swinging and the bright color are a good contrast.
Swing in Spring
Best Nature: I have a lot to choose from here between the garden, insects, the return of the locusts, our bullfrog, outings to Duke Farms and so on. So here are the top few:
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

and take off
A marvelously frightening Shadow!
#97: Something that starts with B (113 in 2013)Lots of buzzing bees!

Making use of the butterfly garden
Knock, Knock. Whoooo's There?
Best Pippin:
#3: Canine (113 in 2013)
#42: Funny (113 in 2013) Angry Birds Pie in the Face
It’s hard to choose a favorite of the whole year, but if pressed I would probably choose this photo.I liked it for the moment, the lighting, the composition, and the memory:
#65 Kindness (113 in 2013)

Paul asked if I would have a “best self portrait” category. And while I don’t do a lot of selfies, I do love my self-timer and take a lot of family portraits that way

This year I’m going to give recognition to Clark for vastly improving his own photography skills, and for reliably being called upon many times to take pictures of me and Paul, and for doing a great job. Thanks, Clark!
Clark took these nice pictures of us!

Here’s to another year of pictures–keep on clicking!


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