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Success, finally! (geocaching, that is)

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FinallY! Success geocaching
We have been trying geocaching off and on for 2 years and never had any success. In fact, we’ve had a lot of frustration. A lot. A chance meeting with some people encouraged Paul to have us try again with some new tips.  We set out this afternoon (with already two strikes against us–my phone wouldn’t load the new app for it and Paul’s battery was dead) to a nearby location.  I think one of the things people like about geocaching is discovering and exploring new areas, ones that might be nearby but you didn’t know about.  In this case we went to a place that I thought was somebody’s private farm but it turns out is a wildlife preservation area.
FinallY! Success geocaching
I’ll totally be taking Pippin for a walk there ( I saw someone else doing so.)  We searched for 4 and found 3! These were ones that all had fun names and clues and the people who put them there clearly had a lot of fun. Check out this one, the “heart of the dragon.”
FinallY! Success geocaching
Now I’m wondering if that strange robot sculpture in the field where I walk Pippin could actually be a geocache?? I’m going to explore it this week and see.
After that we found a pterodactyl with a hidden treasure, and then yet another one.  It was fun tramping around in the field and adding our names to the lists in the hidden cache.  These all had little treasure caches, as well. The kids each chose something and we added Squinkies.  Tabby and I were thrilled to find some Girl Scout swaps in them!
I think finally having some success made this be a fun family thing. The kids were totally excited and liked it. The cool thing is, if you’re traveling you can find some wherever you go! This week Paul and I are going on our first trip without kids-maybe we’ll go searching. We’re pretty excited about this getaway-first time away together since the kids were born, we’re really excited about where we’re going, and it’s for a special reason-our 10th wedding anniversary!


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