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OK, so now we’re really getting the hang of this geocaching thing and understanding why it’s fun. While on our vacation (can I pretend I’m in Bridget Jones’s Diary and call it a “mini-break”?) Paul and I stopped at a few places to search for caches. We were unsuccessful in two places, most likely due to winter weather and ice, but it was still fun to find the places, both on and off the beaten path.  And, according to Paul, that’s sort of the point of all this-to find and discover and share with other people cool places.  Remember last week we had our first real fun success and found those cool metal sculptures? Well, it occurred to me that perhaps that metal sculpture in my dog walking field which I had chalked up to secret art was, actually, a geocache by the same people.  Turns out it is. Yesterday we took the kids and dog over to the field and found the hidden treasure in it. [Note: this was such a short walk on a not too too cold day and the whining and complaining threatened to ruin the whole thing. My kids need to toughen up!] Then we searched some more and found another hidden in the underbrush.
Check out this cool frog sculpture.The tongue on the inside had a fly even! And this cache contained an official geotracking coin, which we then place in another site and be able to see where it goes.
Odd Og


Once we found these treasures the whining did stop and everyone was caught up in the excitement. Now, not every hidden site has a sculpture like this-we also found little containers, a fake bolt, and bigger containers, too. It’s definitely turning into a fun thing to do together, especially because you can do it for a short time, long time, close to home, or far away. Paul and Clark found two more just while on an errand to pick up a movie from the Redbox!

In another news, I’m happy to report the girls have started laying eggs again! Phew.


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  1. I love the idea of making public(ish, anyway) art that is also a geocache! So neat!


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