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Let the Hand Quilting Begin!

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Since I last posted we’ve had a busy week.  First up was the Pinewood Derby, always a much anticipated Cub Scouts event. Clark is never in it to win the speed races; he likes to design cool cars.  Our pack has the kids vote on favorite cars in different categories, and this year he was hoping to win the “Best Animal” car with his alligator design.
Pinewood Derby '14
And he did!

Winner! Voted Best Animal Car
It was a fun evening all around.

And then we had the excitement of having an overnight houseguest, my friend from the west coast, Dawn.  The kids loved showing her all of our animals.
When you visit us

When you visit us

I’m very excited that I’ve gotten back to the scrappy prism quilt. My mom came over this week and helped me put the quilt sandwich together and baste it. I tend to dread properly basting quilts, but I had bought special curved basting safety pins. They made the job a snap!
Ready for quilting!
And since I had it all spread out I went ahead and marked the first quilting lines.
Ready for quilting!
My mom helped me get it in the hoop and all set up, and the next day I began. This was such a strangely quiet activity. I had been to the library and got an adult audiobook (very rare for me), put that on, sat in the sun, and began. It’s a little frustrating that the stitches are not as small and even as I’d like, but it’s considerably different than embroidery or just regular stitching things together. I’d say right now I’m getting about 4 stitches to the inch.
The First Stitches
From the back, though, I think it’s looking really good!
From the back
Starting and stopping is the biggest pain, and since I’m doing an area that is not closely stitched that seems to be happening often. I finished the first hooped area pretty quickly and then moved the hoop to the next section. In the brief moment I had it on the floor Liesl came running in and jumped into the middle, started rolling around (wow-white really shows black cat hair), and cuddling in it. I’d say this quilt meets with her approval.
The second I put it on the floor to move the hoop Liesl appeared out of nowhere and sat on, rolled around on it, and got her black hair all over it. But it was so cute :)

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  1. I am so impressed that you’re doing hand quilting! That is way above my current ambition level.:) It looks awesome!


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