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Sweethearts and Snow Days

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Another snow day! And what a beautiful white snow it is. Heavy and wet, which will be perfect for snowmen and snowballs if we can rouse ourselves to go outside, but terrible to shovel.
Snow Day (again)

Snow Day (again)

Snow Day (again)

It’s the best kind of snow day-one where Paul also has to stay home! So we started the day with a great Snow Day breakfast (scrambled eggs, pork roll, and bagels) and are looking forward to a cozy day with games, reading, and watching The Secret World of Arrietty by the fire. While working on my quilt, of course. And XPN is celebrating the Beatles’ arrival in the U.S. 50 years ago with some heavy British Invasion play on the radio, so that’s nice too. And thank goodness for that warm Saturday (40 degrees) because we’d completely run out of split firewood. Thank you, Paul for being so manly and spending the entire afternoon chopping wood and replenishing our supply.

This weekend Paul and Tabby went to a very special event together-the Father Daughter Sweetheart Dance. This is a Girl Scout event. Apparently they had a very good time. It was fun to see them dressed up together. This seems to be a really common event for Girl Scout service units, but was not something we had when I was a kid. I wish we did because what a nice thing for them to do and remember together.
Father Daughter Sweetheart Dance
(Meanwhile, Clark and I had an awesome evening of meatball subs and MarioKart, which we may not have dressed up for, but it was still a nice time for just us.)
While I’m perfectly happy to keep enjoying winter (after all, we’ve only just begun February) it’s nice to know that Spring will be here before we know it.


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  1. The snow on the trees looks so magical. Love the colour of the flowers. Not long til spring 🙂


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