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Ice Day

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What a wintery week! Monday was heavy white snow. As planned we did watch The Secret World of Arrietty by the fire, but we also played outside and built an igloo with a neighbor friend. It was a terrific day.
Fun in the snow
Tuesday was a delayed opening and busy with errands and a delight to drive around and check things out. With the sun out everything was absolutely stunning-trees covered in thick white snow, blindingly bright fields of snow-it was just gorgeous.
The sunny day after a snowstorm
Then this morning we awoke to a different world, also gorgeous, but this time it was because everything had turned to ice! With every single pine needle, twig, branch, and tree encased in ice it was a crystal world.  And so neat to stand outside and listen because there was a constant tinkling and creaking as the trees swayed and bits of ice fell down.  Fortunately we didn’t lose any tree limbs or power and the only hardship was shoveling slush so that it wouldn’t freeze in treacherous shapes.

Icy Globe Feeder

Birdies on Icicle Laden Houses

I love these icy days because it’s always amazing to me how everything looks. So magical! Like being in a crystal fairy tale! You expect some kind of Ice Queen to come by wrapped in white furs on a sled. And I always think of the title of a book I liked as a child called The Crystal Tree.
The Crystal Tree: every time this happens I think of a book from my childhood called "The Crystal Tree"

Paul had the day off as well, which made it extra good. It’s a good thing he didn’t have to go in because we would have had a hard time getting the car out. The birch tree was bent over with ice across the driveway! (It had lifted by mid-afternoon. Isn’t it amazing how flexible trees are??)
Bent Over
I can’t be too bitter about using up all our snow days and having other school vacation days taken away from us, because we never do anything special with those days, so these days are like little vacations. We had grand plans to play four different board games, watch a movie, finish our collage calendar, and make art. Well, we played one game (a new one, saved for a rainy day, called Blockers, loads of fun, similar to Blokus.)
Watched a movie (The Croods), spent an hour outside, and I really don’t know what we did with the rest of the day because we definitely didn’t seem to get it all in. All in all, a successful day off. I think we could all use a return to a regular schedule, though.


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