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The Loooong Weekend

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Due to another snow day my kids do have school tomorrow on Presidents’ Day. But due to said snow day and one of seemingly many “in-service” days they ended up with a 4 day weekend anyway. The Wednesday night snowstorm really dumped a lot of snow on us-the kids will be sure to have memories of the super deep snow and shoveled tunnels. We packed the snow day full of good snow day things like building a giant slide, shoveling, making a snow bunny, and watching movies.


Forget Snowmen! How about a giant snow bunny?
In case you wondered, the chickens do not like the snow,
We are tired of this snow!!
but Pippin likes it quite a bit. So much so that he is happy to take a snooze in it.
Snow bed

And, of course, the weekend also included Valentine’s Day. (This collage is not from all pictures this year, though Paul did give me the lucky bamboo in the middle this year.)
Happy Valentine's Day
I whipped up this banner just in time and love the decision to make the hearts dangle. Next year I’ll be able to put it up earlier than February 13 and enjoy it for a little longer. Oh, and I did fix that heart on the left after I took the picture.
Valentine's Day

We packed our Saturday with a morning visit to the Princeton University Art Museum. Who knew this small, nearby, free museum had amazing world class art? (Paul did, that’s who.) On Saturdays they have family activities. This weekend they had you check out the Roman mosaics (Roman mosaics!!) and then make your own out of paper.
art museum outing

art museum outing
In the afternoon we went to see the Lego Movie, which completely lived up to the hype. We loved it.

With all these snow days you’d think I’d be making mad progress my rainbow quilt, but you’d be wrong.  I have been working on my Christmas embroidery and am almost done with that.
Christmas with the Mousekins Stitching


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