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Thanks for your eggs, Ladies!

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Spring is so close I can almost taste it. Even though the air is icy, the light is different in the afternoons, it’s staying light so much later, I’ve seen the tips of a couple bulbs where the snow melted yesterday,
Look! Look!
and I’m hearing birds singing in a spring-y way. And, our ladies are laying more eggs! I collected 3 a couple days ago and 4 today, including a small one from one of the girls who hasn’t laid in a very long time.  In honor of having our own fresh eggs again I made a quiche for dinner tonight. Can I tell you how happy it makes me that when I said I was making quiche for dinner both of my kids cheered?
To add to that we had the second-to-last bag of summer corn (must freeze more next year!) and a jar of the cinnamon apples from the fall. The corn flat out tasted like summer, which was heavenly. And you’ve never seen four people hoover up a quiche so fast before.  There’s something about getting pie crust at dinner that is such a treat.
This afternoon I was trying to be very busy cleaning, but when I came across the Sew Buttons book Paul gave me for Christmas a few years ago I opened it up and my productivity stopped. Because of course reading the very first posts from 2007 (when Tabby is referred to as “the baby due in 5 weeks”) sent me down a rabbit hole nostalgia and sentimentality.  It was also interesting to see how much this blog has changed. When Tabby was born? Just one short post and one photo and nothing really about her.  I was much more focused on just documenting things I made (mostly decoupage.)  I’m glad I’ve turned this much more into a family journal, though I obviously do still love documenting what I make.  In fact, that’s somewhat what inspired part of tonight’s dinner/post.  I had so many early entries about things I cooked, especially when it came from the garden. As always when I look back at old pictures I think everything looks so fun! so awesome! so happy!  Not that I think we’re particularly un-fun or unhappy now, but it’s like I’m practically envious of us in the past. So here’s a fun picture that hopefully future me will look back on with the same nostalgia and “oh what a good time we were all having!” feeling. Here’s Tabby enjoying the  remarkably nice weather on Sunday.


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  1. Your quiche looks delicious. Yummy. 🙂


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