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Time for our friends’ annual Pie Day celebration! (Pie Day is actually in January, so this year we were celebrating a bit late.) As usual it was a lovely afternoon/evening of a steady parade of savory pies, pizza pies, and sweet pies.  I was all set to make a spinach chicken pie with phyllo crust when I referred to last year’s blog post and discovered that I had made that last year! Fortunately the post also included a note to myself to make a fruit pie with lattice.Therefore, my contribution was a peach pie with lattice crust.  It came out very pretty and tasty. (I used frozen peaches.)
peach pie with lattice crust
This year I used my phone to write down all the pies so I have a complete list of the pies that were there.
The Savory pies:
Broccoli rabe + prosciutto–This might have been my favorite all night. The prosciutto was salty, there was lots of garlic, it was all around fantastic.
some pizza pies
Spinach with lemon-bright and tangy, small squares, somewhat flat bready.(in above picture it’s in the rear)
Plain-I didn’t even get to try any of this because the kids gobbled it up.
Tomato pie-a classic. I like this.
Quiche lorraine–a truly excellent classic quiche. Tabby and I loved this.
Chorizo + cheese-I liked this a lot. The crust seemed sort of sweet, which offset the spicy chorizo. Delicious and crumbly.
Hash brown crust with hot pepper Dijon relish and sour cream-these were little bites that were spicy and yummy.
Rye grilled cheese-This was Tony’s exotic new offering this year-a marble rye crust (two doughs squished together), topped with cheeses, sliced tomato, and a little mixed arugala salad. I didn’t get to taste this, but it looked great and vanished immediately.
Rigatoni, sausage, sauce in a springform pan–we agreed this was less pie and more pasta casserole. Maybe if it had a cheese crust to contain it all it would be more of a pie. (But it was still yummy!)
Reuben-all the ingredients of a Reuben sandwich in a pie
Mashed Potatoes + Fried Chicken-proving that any meal is extra delicious when stuck between two flaky crusts. This was like a delicious comforting homey chicken pot pie
Sausage Pie-Tony can’t stop making this because everyone loves it. A crust just piled up with hot sausage mixed up with some sauce and cheese
Tony wields his mega pie knife to slice up the sausage pie

The Dessert Pies:
a couple of dessert pies
Pocket pie: apple, pickle, peach chutney. How adorable are these? I had a peach chutney one and it was very spicy and good. Clark and Tabby loved the little apple ones.
Adorable Pie Bites, with a handy guide
Adorable Pie Bites, with a handy guide

Navy bean-Sean & Betty always come up with wonderfully strange pies. I love navy beans in a soup, but how funny to find them in a pie! (smooth consistency.)
Chess pie (pecan and chocolate custard)-very interesting to me because I’d only ever seen a chess pie as very plain
Peach with lattice
Cherry lattice-made with tart cherries grown on their own cherry trees! Paul loved how tart and tangy the little cherries were.
Pumpkin cream cheese-I liked this one quite a bit
Chocolate ganache caramel-Ann’s pie ended up being basically a candy bar because the caramel hardened into a thick block. So it was about 3/4 inch of solid caramel topped with a 1/4 inch of chocolate. I had a nibble and it was delicious but enough for me.

It was lots of fun and very tasty. To top off the night Tabby lost her front tooth! This is tooth #4, and the first front tooth. I think the other front tooth will be out in a week or so (and hope so because now it’s left all alone in a snaggletooth-y looking way!)
And to cap off the night Tabby lost her front tooth!

Maybe this post has you thinking it’s been a while since you had a pie. Why not make a pie for dinner? or dessert? Mmmm….pie.
Lego Pizza Man


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  1. I thought Pi day was this Friday (3.14)

    • Everyone always says that, but there is a real PIE day. Not that you can’t eat pie on pi day. We should just all eat more pie!


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