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Yesterday we went to Ringing Rocks park. We’ve been before, a couple years ago, and wanted to go back and with the weather being gorgeous it was a great day to go. Ringing Rocks is across the river in PA and it’s very interesting because although it has a sign and a little parking area and a trail, that’s it.  There’s no information or signs about the bizarre natural spectacle. And when you hike over to the waterfalls, you can easily fall of the cliff and die, but there are no signs or rails. So, the rocks.  In the midst of forest is a vast expanse of very large rocks and boulders. (Presumably dumped there by a glacier.) The special thing about the rocks is that when you hit them with a hammer (or the wrench I brought) they make a metallic clanging sound. They sound like they are hollow metal! It’s so wild. And very fun and sort of dangerous to clamber all over these rocks hoping you don’t twist and ankle and listening to all the ringing as other people are also whacking the rocks.
A trip to Ringing Rocks

A trip to Ringing Rocks
We also found a couple of geocaches while we were there, which was fun.  Then we headed over to the waterfalls. Last time we were there they were completely dry. But this time there was plenty of water burbling along, making little falls, and heading towards a big cliff.
A trip to Ringing Rocks
It’s kind of strange because when you arrive you are at the edge of the big cliff looking down, then can climb around on this flat sort of river bed, heading towards the falls. The rocky surface is striated and it’s all very geologically fascinating.  We enjoyed walking around and also taking our shoes and socks off and dipping our feet in the water.
A trip to Ringing Rocks
Sadly it all ended, as most of our outings do, with sulks, pouts, threats and me being mad at the whole family. You know when you see people out to eat and they are silent? Yeah, that was us with our hamburgers afterward at a charming spot. I’m feeling a bit frustrated with always trying to create nice events for us that end up crappy at the end. Bleah.

So anyway, after that, because it was literally on the way, we pulled over at the place we had found a geocache a few weeks ago. I wanted to see if they had their sheep out, and they did. And remember the enchanted moss covered cottage in the snow? Well, here it is now.
Enchanted Cottage-now with no snow!

Woolly Sheep

When we finally got home we went for a bike ride to town, which once again ended poorly. Clark’s already complaining about how I want to work in the garden today, so no doubt today will also be sour. And guess what? It’s spring break (or “the holidays” as the Bluths say) so we’ve got many days ahead together.


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  1. What a fascinating and beautiful place. I am intrigued by the Ringing Rocks. What an amazing natural phenomena. I laughed aloud when I read about the nice outings ending up badly. With 3 kids this was the story of my life. I think it is one of those things about family life. As the Mum I badly wanted to make happy family memories. It is hard when other family members don’t see things in the same way as we do. Don’t worry, I think the children will forget about the negative things of the outing and only remember
    the good things. Good luck with the holidays.

  2. Isn’t it refreshing to see a place that hasn’t been safety-ified? In high school I was (very lucky to be) in Norway and hiked up the back of a fjord ( Being at the top and looking out over the edge (I laid down on the ground and sort of peeked over the edge so I would have no chance of accidentally falling) felt really strange – no railings or anything! Anyway, I’m always amazed to find any places that aren’t “up to code” in terms of caution and safety. And look, you all survived! 😉 Also, those sheep are SO charming! I wonder if their wool is harvested for yarn or something more industrial?

    • I hear you on the un-safety-fied places. Several years ago I went to Iceland and when I look at the pictures I can’t believe we didn’t fall off the icy cliffs and die. It really is refreshing to go someplace that isn’t taken over with warnings and railings and stuff (even if I am terrified of any sort of precipice!!)


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