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Spring Break

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Spring break fun continued throughout the week-a day of rest after the museum, a cozy afternoon watching Jumanji, playing at the park, going to see Rio 2, and I honestly don’t even know what else. Oh, one day we baked and decorated little cake balls. I think they just look like Munchkins, but it was a nice cake recipe.
cake balls
Tonight after dinner we went down the road to a park and to grab another geocache (that makes 25 found for us.)  The trail ended up being a bit further than we expected and it was quite dim as we walked through some enchanted looking woods. Then we dyed eggs and pictures will have to wait until some nice natural daylight tomorrow.

I also finally got some gardening done and yes! it did feel easier with the chickens all cooped up. So how is the switch to being fenced in going? Well, each day 4-5 of them come out. Crooky Beak and Quicksilver simply fly over the fence, while a big rainbow rooster squeezes under the fence.  We’ll need to fix that because Crooky did come into the garden, but for now it’s not so bad with just those few. However, something I worried about how come to pass. We got home today to discover two of the rainbow roosters quite bloody–cockfighting 😦  With so many roosters they do fight sometimes with each other, but usually nothing actually happens. I suspect without the open yard to runaway from each other in they just kept at it this time. I’m really hoping we can find homes for a couple of them because that is pretty upsetting.

Around the yard spring is popping up everywhere.
Ruffly Daffodil
I’m thrilled to see my peonies looking hale and hearty-one about 10 inches up already. The two newest plants which did not bloom last year look like this year they will.  The tiny baby lilac tree is covered in buds (it’s only about a foot and a half high.) And the plum tree is blooming now, too, though we still didn’t get a tree doctor for it so I suspect we will again just have rotten fruit.
plum bud
My favorite little grape hyacinths are up, along with their tiny daffodil counterparts.
teeny tiny daffodil
This afternoon we let Gordon out in the chicken coop for some fun. It’s pretty secure (I blocked off the gate with wood) and I stayed with him. Wow, did he have fun. He ran and jumped and leapt and hopped.
Gordon's Playtime
He marked everything with his little chin. He was happy to come see me, then dart away. There was dirt and stuff to dig in and he got so tired he had to flop down and stretch fully out.
Gordon's Playtime
Tabby had inadvertently let all but two chickens out and Gordon was eager to get close to a rooster. Much like with the cats it was hilarious to see him following the rooster and the rooster practically recoiling and running away.
Gordon's Playtime

I have to brag about my mom’s sewing and crafting skills here. Check out what she sent the kids for Easter. It’s totally raising the bar on a $5 bill slipped into a card.
Easter Greetings
Embroidered, sewn, and little baskets to carry a little money! Thank you Mom!

It’s a big weekend ahead-my birthday tomorrow and Easter on Sunday.  I’m quite excited!


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  1. Those bunnies your mom made are awesome! So cute!


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