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Happy Birthday and Happy Easter! (Part 2)

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So after the big birthday day it was time to switch gears and get things ready for the Easter Bunny and so on. When we got up on Sunday (making Clark wait until 7am-he’d been up for ever waiting for everyone) we were delighted by the lovely baskets the E.B. had left.  After oohing and ahhing over those it was time to see what had been hidden. Eggs inside the house as well as outside.  Of course he left eggs in the nesting boxes and Gordon’s hutch.

Yep. The E.B. left eggs in Gordon's hutch

and inside the coop

I will battle you for all these eggs!

For breakfast this year I made “honey bunnies”-a recipe from ye olde Fleischman’s Yeast Cookbook. However, as I was making these Friday night I decided that the bunnies were a pain in the ass to make and instead just made coiled up rolls with some golden raisins stuck in.
Easter Breakfast
Oh. Man. These were delicious. Admittedly, the one I had fresh from the oven late Friday night was the best-warm and sticky with its honey butter glaze. But reheated Sunday morning they were pretty tasty, too. Clark pointed out that they tasted a lot like Hawaiian rolls, and I think he’s right. If you like a plain sweet bun I definitely recommend checking out that recipe.
In the afternoon we went to my aunt’s house and a wonderful relaxed dinner.For my contribution I made the now beloved sour cream lemon pie, served with whipped cream and strawberries. My mom made delicious cream puffs.


It was a lovely day and we capped it off with, what else? Finding a geocache on our way home! (we also found a nearby one in between dinner and dessert, introducing my cousin to it.) Happy Easter!


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  1. Looks like you had a great day !!! The cream puffs look Amazing!!!


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