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Happy Birthday and Happy Easter! (Part I)

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What a super fantastic, delightfully spring, very busy and tiring, very happy weekend encompassing both my birthday and Easter. The fun began on Saturday morning when I woke to lovely cards and gifts. Usually we do a nice big birthday breakfast with gifts, but this year I had an exciting change–my dear friend Megan moved to Michigan and August and was briefly back in New Jersey.  I got to go out to breakfast with her and a couple of other friends.  I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present than to see her again!  Oh, and you know how on your birthday you get a million happy birthday wishes on Facebook? Well, this year in the morning I made a little challenge for myself and wrote that I would reply to every one of the wishes with a personal book recommendation.  It took me until Monday, but I did it!
In the afternoon Paul and the kids and I headed down to Princeton. First we had lunch out at a favorite restaurant (this birthday was heavily anchored by meals.) The restaurant is in a shopping center where Paul had tried twice, unsuccessfully, to find a geocache. (On Friday night we had gone out after dinner, before dying eggs, and found a couple-one down a trail in some woods and it was a little spooky as it was getting dark.) Anyway, to our delight we finally found it and it was a very tricky one indeed–on a metal utility box hidden behind what looked like just the reflective numbers. After that we went to Grounds for Sculpture. It was a beautiful day for it and there were lots of people there. It turns out they are getting ready for a big 50 year retrospective so things were moved around and there were a significant number of added people sculptures (which apparently are normally at other parks and museums and things and they are bringing in for this exhibit.) Unlike the sculptures based on famous paintings, these people sculptures are eerily realistic-though I can tell from the clothes that they were from the 70s and 80s.
Relaxing with a sculpture friend

Hooping with my sculpture pal

Crack the Whip with Sculpture Friends

It was especially cool to see the gigantic statues, which we’d previously only seen by the side of the road on the way there. Up close it was clear just how tall they are–check out Tabby as compared to them.
To get a real idea of just how huge these are, find Tabby in the picture

I love it that every time we go there we see something different as well as favorites from before. It was also very lovely because things were blooming.
Posing by the beautiful flowering tree

When we were done there we went searching for two more geocaches that were nearby. We’re really getting into this and enjoying it a lot. We found 3 over the weekend, bringing our total found to 26 (our goal for the year is 50.) So, sometimes this geocaching hobby has led us to discover scenic and beautiful spots, enjoy hiking, and being outdoors. But sometimes this is what it looks like too: milling around under a billboard trying to avoid broken glass.
Sometimes geocaching is hiking in the woods, discovering beauty. Sometimes it's milling around under a billboard avoiding broken glass.
Turns out that right next to the billboard is another of Johnson’s sculptures-this one a hitchhiker, looking for a ride to Grounds for Sculpture. Paul found it!
Geocache by a hitchiker sculpture
From there we drove up to my mom’s for my birthday dinner. Of course it was delicious and wonderful, and topped off with a fantastic coconut cake (my mom makes great coconut cake!)  And to make my birthday even more wonderful, my dear BFF Joanna, whom I’ve been friends with since we were 10, was in town for Easter and able to stop by and have cake and say happy birthday in person.
So happy to see you! (we've been friends since we were 10!)
It was a really lovely birthday and I enjoyed celebrating every minute of it with my wonderful friends and family. Thank you all!
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  1. Happy birthday! What an awesome celebration! That sculpture park is super neat, too! I need to do a better job of investigating neat things like that around us.


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