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What’s With All the Geocaching?

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It’s been another weekend so fun-filled and busy that Monday has found us looking forward to relaxing at school/work/home. On Saturday we went to an Earth Day celebration at a park, which had fun crafts, activities, animals, and presentations.  We ran into some friends there and Clark ended up going home with them at the end of the afternoon.  And Paul, Tabby, and I commenced to do some geocaching.  I’d say we’re definitely hooked on this. Tabby was a great sport about all the places we went and we had so much fun.  There were a couple in the park where we were, then a couple more in some parking lots (we treated ourselves to milkshakes at Sonic), and then we tried to find one we’d looked for a year or so ago. No dice. But we did find another that we had been unable to find on our very first outing. It was super easy, leading us to wonder if it was in the same place or if now we just know what we’re doing.  It rained off and on, but it was still fun.  We found another in the woods along the river where we go swimming with Pippin in the summer.
And one the size of a watch battery hidden in a sign!
Many folks have asked us why we like it or why you might do it, and I’d have to say that it’s a great activity because it brings you places you never even knew were nearby.  Best example yet-on Sunday we went down to Princeton for Communiversity-a big street fair that’s lots of fun. On the way Paul showed us one he had already found without us in a park that we had passed hundreds of times and never really knew about. From the street it’s just a little 3 car parking area. But enter the trail into the thick woods
Secret Art Park
and there are hidden sculptures and art!
Secret art park

Secret art park
No signs or anything so it feels very mysterious and cool. Check out this tree embedded with coins from around the world.
Secret art park

After that we went into Princeton and had fun doing crafts,
words take wing, literally
eating stuff,
Singapore snack food
enjoying the campus, and listening to lots of bands. Clark adorably intentionally wore his Princeton sweatpants and sweatshirt. We parked off the beaten path and walked up through a part of campus I hadn’t been before-the stadium, which has these cool metal tiger sculptures in front. Naturally one of them has a geocache in it!
Princeton Tiger

Princeton Tigers
It was a beautiful sunny day
Blue Skies, smiling at me
and we had a late lunch/early dinner at Tiger Noodles.
Dazed Noodle eater
When we left we hit a few geocache spots. Tabby found two very difficult ones! It’s good to have different pairs of eyes looking, for sure. Altogether, we found 9 on Saturday, plus a few more on Sunday, and now our total found is 42. Paul wanted to see if we could find 50 this year, but has amended that goal to 50 by his birthday (which is in two weeks.)

So there you have it. Geocaching is totally our new family (and individual) hobby. You can do it anywhere, spend a little or a lot of time, discover hidden treasures, and have a good time doing it.


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  1. So cool to read about becoming hooked and remember how it was for us about a year ago 🙂

  2. That little trail looks pretty cool!


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