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2001-May 2, 2014

Yesterday our beloved Pippin died. I’ve written that several times now and I still can’t believe it. I got Pippin the year I turned 30, one month before I met Paul. I wanted a dog and it took several weeks of visiting shelters before I found him at St. Hubert’s. As soon as I saw him I knew he was the dog for me. I’ll never forget the day I got to get him, driving home with him in the backseat. My mom was with us and we were talking about names. When we landed on Pippin we knew it was perfect. It’s one of my favorite musicals, it’s peppy, it’s nice to say, and it suited him. I always wondered about his life before me-how did he end up at the shelter? how could anyone let him go? I never knew his exact birthday, but he was estimated to be not yet 1 year old one when I got him. The first night I planned to crate train him, but almost immediately changed my mind and let him sleep on my bed with me.
He was a naughty young dog-eating socks and jumping on people. One day I walked in and found him standing on the kitchen table. I wish I had a picture of that! Before we got engaged and moved here he was a town dog-going for long walks on sidewalked streets. Once we moved here he was a country dog with a big yard to run around in. He was good natured and easy going. First it was just the three of us and then he easily adapted to the additions of two babies, two cats, chickens, guinea pigs, and a rabbit. Over the past few years he’d slowed down, but I think had the happiest of dog lives. He loved to sleep outside in the sun.
In March of this year we found out that he had cancer. At 12 1/2 we’d begun to think of him dying of old age, so probably shouldn’t have been so shocked by the thought that he’d die of illness, but we were. He was taking medicine for the past two weeks which had energized him and improved his appetite (notably robust his whole life, for the first time he was thin.) So it was pretty shocking that yesterday morning he walked to the way back of the yard into the woods and lay down. It was clear that he had gone there to die. We were able to sit with him most of the day and all four of us had time with him, telling him we loved him, petting him, and being with him. I’m glad he was able to go surrounded by love in a place he loved. I’m glad he was able to be naughty one last time on Thursday by stealing Tabby’s Rice Krispie treat and gobbling it up. I’m glad that before all the rain this week the kids and I took him to our special field for a Monday night walk.
I miss him so much already. He was a gentle wonderful soul and a true part of our family. Rest in peace, sweet Pippin.


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I'm a librarian living with my lovely family in a gorgeous spot of New Jersey, where we raise chickens and love the outdoors. I try to find enough time to indulge all my hobbies-cooking, photography, gardening, sewing, and I write about it all on my book blog & personal blog.

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  1. Rest in peace, sweet Pippin. He was a loving and loved member of your family, and you all gave him the best life a dog could ask for. We miss him too.

    • Thank you so much, Shannon. I know you truly understand the hole a family dog’s passing leaves in your heart.

  2. It is over a year since we lost our dog to cancer. I still miss him terribly, as we had him for 10 years. Like you we got him from a shelter. I think they are such special dogs and seem to have a never ending supply of love for their owners. I hope the gaping hole in your family’s hearts eases with time.

  3. I saw the post on facebook when it happened but couldn’t bring myself to read this until now. I’m at work, and bawling. We lost one of ours last fall and it’s just awful to go through. My deepest sympathies.


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