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Bitter Betty Goes to the Ballgame

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This weekend was our much anticipated, intensely prepared for, yard sale. And it was a total absolute flop of a failure. Let me explain a bit about why this was so absolutely upsetting. I’ve been getting ready for this for nearly two months. Many, many days and hours of cleaning out our basement, weeding our book collection, reassembling toys, emotionally sorting through all the old baby clothes, and deciding what to part with and what to keep. It was hard work and not easy, but as I’ve mentioned before this is kind of a year of getting our house act together and this was a big part of it.  Though the garage filled up more, I was very happy to get the basement in a reasonable, not embarrassing condition.  My friend Mary Lynn and I love going to yard sales, so we were not going into this blind and, I have to say, did everything right. We carefully chose the date for this quite a while ago and it was a perfect day-May, beautiful weather, Saturday, yard sale season.  We had a terrific variety of stuff (not just kids stuff) and priced stuff to sell (i.e., cheap.) Then we set it up carefully and well arranged. We advertised appropriately.  Tabby had a wonderful lemonade stand with my delicious homemade cookies.
Lemonade Stand
I got up at 5:20am. And….between 8am and 3pm we had about six people total. What the heck, Branchburg?? It was, frankly, inexplicable. As the day wore on I grew increasingly distraught. It really just made no sense.  We kept everything up for Sunday and between 8 and 9am had more people than we’d had all day Saturday.  All told we managed to get rid of a few things including two larger items (a bike and an air conditioner) and made a total of $102.  So, although my plan had been to get rid of everything that didn’t sell, that was when I assumed we’d have a normal turnout. Given that almost everything is left I’m going to have to spend today neatly boxing everything and rearranging it in the garage to store until August, when we will try again during the townwide yard sale (Why didn’t I originally plan to do this? Because August is a stupid date  for a yard sale-everyone knows May and June are where it’s at! And I didn’t want everything in my garage for six months waiting around. Besides, there’s no reason to only do it then (that’s directed at our annoying neighbor and his dumb-ass comment.) )  So all in all, the yard sale experience made me a total Bitter Betty, angry and upset with everyone for pretty much the whole weekend. However, there were three good things that happened on Saturday.
1. Since we were sitting in our driveway for hours and no one was around, we did a semi-spontaneous landscaping project. Paul cut down all the shrubs that are right next to the house.  We’ve never really liked them (they are too close to the house, causing lots of mildew on it), when covered with ice and snow they cover the walkway, and flies love to live in them.  Pippin and the chickens loved them, though. But since they are no longer in the yard we decided to go for it. And what a difference! Look at how open it is! So much more light! We can plant flowers or hostas there, or even nothing at all. (I will admit that as soon as it was done I thought we were making too many big changes too soon after Pippin, because it was really upsetting to see his favorite spot to hang out taken away.)


2. We got rid of all 4 of the bad roosters. Thursday night we gave one to a lady who wanted it and Saturday afternoon we took the remaining three to a farm that was happy to take them in.  Good riddance.  Immediately things in the coop began to calm down.  Order is being restored and the rest of the chickens seem much less stressed. Baddie, who has been flying out of the coop every day, finally is staying in the coop now that the bad roosters aren’t harassing him. Phew. The President is relieved:
Order Restored

3. On our way home from the farm we stopped at a lovely bridge where we’ve tried unsuccessfully to find a pesky geocache. And this time we found it!


On Sunday we did the yard sale again in the morning and in the afternoon we went to our first baseball game. It’s our local team, the Somerset Patriots.
take me out to the ballgame
The ballpark is really nearby and I’d never been to this level ballgame before. It’s so much fun! Very community oriented-our towns baseball teams were all there on the field before the game, another school’s chorus sang God Bless America, and a preschool sang the national anthem. As for us? The kids’ nursery school was doing a fundraiser and raffle and they got to go out on the field during the 7th inning stretch and sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame! They were thrilled. And when the game is over all the kids are allowed to run the bases, which seemed like loads of fun.  We also saw almost everyone we know there, so it was a really nice afternoon.




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  1. Nice to see bright side of a bitter weekend


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