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Petunias on the front step
Things are blooming and quite suddenly we’re on the bring of Memorial Day weekend and flowers abounding. I always forget about these lovely and delicate iris at the edge of the pond. They seem to go from bud to bloom quite quickly, which means you really are suprised by them.
Pond Iris
And out of nowhere the rhododendron is blooming. You didn’t have to tell the bumblebees twice-they’re made for rhodie pollen.
In the garden I think I am actually sort of on top of things this year. I need to thin the seedlings, but things are coming up and I’m weeding. The biggest challenge is going to be yanking out the self-seeded morning glories before they choke anything. I’ve only had one lettuce come up (?) but the zucchini, peas, beets, and carrots are coming up nicely.

In the sewing room I’m almost done with the Thimble Summer quilt. The binding has been made and stitched on to the front, and now I just need to hand stitch the back of it on while watching tv. I chose to make the binding the same as the backing, since I liked the fabric a lot and think it looks nice with the rest.
Thimble summer binding

Things at school seem to suddenly being rushing headlong into summer-end of year field trips, concerts, parties, etc. Today Tabitha’s kindergarten class took a trip to a farm. Though some of it was shockingly like our own house (they planted onions and marigolds, visited chickens, and learned about eggs) it was still really fun to see some of the other animals, especially the tiny baby goat and lamb. And look how adorable this precious piggie is! And the single beautiful cow, Caroline.
here piggie piggie

Idyllic Cow
We had a great time together!
at the farm on a class trip

p.s. In case you were wondering how our chickens are faring now that it’s been several days without the bad roosters, it’s great. Shockingly quieter (only one of the remaining roosters particularly likes to crow), very mellow in the coop, no fighting, and all is good. Now if we can only get to the root of the feathers coming out of their backs….   at least egg production is great-6 or 7 a day! Gordon continues to be allowed out in the coop to run about for a couple hours a day. I’ve seen a couple of hens get bold and peck at him, though he seemed unbothered by that.



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