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Gardens, Animal Hijinks, & Roller Coasters

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Bright blue skies, fluffy white clouds, warm days, and a countdown to the end of school. These are some pretty sweet days.
picture perfect
First up-the garden.  I have really committed to tending and weeding at least a few minutes each day and it is making a difference. The two main weeds that would like to consume our entire house and yard are the sturdily rooted chrsyanthemum weed and something else that is a climbing vine and eventually gets white flowers. While the former is pervasive- it literally grows up through our driveway and other barriers- the latter is so sneaky that given a day it will twist around a plan such as a poor unsuspecting tomato and wrap itself round and round it.  It’s possible things are also going well this year because I planted fewer things. (Herbs and some annuals are on the back patio, where I strive to remember to water them.) So I have neat rows filled with carrots, beets, and brussels sprouts that I have very high hopes for.
Orderly Rows (!!)
A few large zucchini plants, and  some other things that all look to have ample space.  Last night I harvested our first thing-a head of lettuce.
1st Harvest
I also picked some spinach.  And I have to say, simply dressed with a little vinaigrette, this was some pretty tasty lettuce. In the past I’ve waited too long and it was bitter, but this was tender and fresh and great. Hooray-a garden success!

In the meantime the peas have a profusion of blooms and the blackberries are just beginning to bloom.
Pea Blossom
I was surprised yesterday to find that the climbing red roses are blooming-always a cheerful sight.
June roses
And we finally had a big rain this week, which always spells the droopy end of the peonies. They are in full bloom, but by now there is drooping and petal dropping. But they still are bright and smell sweet.
And...there's the rain

Now for the comedy portion of this post, because this animal behavior is cuckoo. From time to time I had seen a hen go into Gordon’s house when I left the door open and the lid up (while he was hopping around.) This past weekend we were out for the day and when we got back at night and were making sure the chickens were locked up I lifted the lid of Gordon’s house to pet him goodnight and was shocked to find a rooster sleeping in Gordon’s bedroom!! Evidently he was in there and I didn’t know it when I put Gordon away and closed the front door. A couple days later Gordon was in his house, but with the front door open (When I let him out to roam around the chicken yard I leave his hutch door open so that he can return for water, privacy, chilling out, whatever rabbits like to do, which he does) when I heard a distinctive crow coming from within. Say what? Got the camera ready, lifted the lid and behold:
Animal House
I am astonished that Gordie was not too perturbed. (after I took the following picture he stretched out and lay back down.)
Animal House
The chicken coop is working out very well in many ways, and one of them is definitely that Gordon likes to run around it, but is safely confined. We have been seeing the chickens practically lining up to go check out his room.
I think they like that it’s closed off and confined and has hay in it. Today there are THREE eggs in there. Clearly the ladies are seeking out a new egg spot as Laura has gone broody. And of course it’s in the worst possible most popular broody spot–the nesting box where everyone lays their eggs. Which means that we will have the same woes as in the past unless we can move her and the eggs someplace or keep the others away from her.
Last weekend we had a great weekend last week, which I somehow neglected to write about. Though I have lived in NJ almost my whole life I had never been to the Point Pleasant boardwalk.  Our close friend grew up there and was spending the day at her mom’s and invited us down. It was a gorgeous day and we had so much fun at the rides on the boardwalk, where Tabby even ran into one of her friends!
Clark & Tabby, @ the beach

Clark was determined to win Tabby a prize, which she was thrilled with. And I went on a few of the rides, too, which was super fun.
On the swings-my favorite
Afterwards we met our friends for dinner and had fresh seafood and it was all super fantastic.
Down by the bay
Down by the bay
And finally, last night we placed our first geocache! It has to be approved before it goes live on the website, but once it does I can’t wait for people to find it. This is our container-it’s magnetic and stuck to a guard rail.
Our First Cache


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