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Isn’t it summer yet?

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Would you believe we still have almost two weeks of school left? At our house I think we’ve basically checked out already. There’s just too much end of year stuff going on, late nights with the sun going down late, and nice weather. Well, until today which is gross and wet and humid.
This weekend the fun started on Friday night with a carnival for the 3rd graders and their families. Clark’s school is K-3, so he’s out of there at the end of this year, which is bittersweet.  It was a nice low key evening of games and hot dogs, Italian ice, a bouncy house, face painting, and basically all the kids just running loose and parents enjoying hanging out.


Before the carnival Tabby and I had our last Daisy meeting of the year. We’ve really got a nice group of girls and I think my first year as a leader was a success. I’m looking forward to an even better year next year when the girls are in first grade and able to do a bit more.
On Saturday we went to our friends’ property in Pennsylvania, not very far away at all, but it practically felt like a vacation.  They have ATVs, which were ridiculously fun and thrilling to race around on. I did feel a bit nervous watching Clark operate one, but he did great.
possibly the best afternoon of Clark's life
Their property abuts a state forest, which was awesome. We rode in then hiked down to a river. You know how much I love hanging out by a river. I mean, is this not perfect and idyllic for kids?

The boys go exploring

a darling toad

Mother and Daughter in a Tree

Paul wades in

Here’s how I felt about this day:

On Sunday we had a family over for a bbq, which was also just summery and great. Sparklers and s’mores, of course!
Ooey Gooey S'mores
Then, bleah. Back to school and work on Monday. I need it to dry out a bit so I can keep up with my weeding and add some mulch to bare spots of the perennial garden. My new daisies are blooming and the lavender plant is nicely established, too.
Practically Provence
There are plenty of peas on the vine in the garden, and in probably just a few days they’ll be big enough to pick and eat. This week is also looking to be a week of busy end of year activities.


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  1. Oh I hear you about school …we are soo done here too! The lavender looks great i have been having a hard time with mine!


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