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Happy Campers are we having fun beneath the trees..

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We went camping this weekend! It was a Cub Scout trip at a very nearby reservoir/campground/park.  Paul and Clark have gone before, but this is the first time Tabby and I joined them.  It was a lot of fun and basically made me awash in nostalgia and happy memories of all my Girl Scout camping trips with my friends. I remarked to the kids in the morning that I had trouble falling asleep because all the previous times I’ve been camping, once we got into our sleeping bags we stayed away for another hour making fart noises and hysterically laughing.  I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it was. When I was a kid we put our bags right on the ground and felt every rock and hole and lump, but now we had lovely little inflatable mattress pads, which were very nice. Right before we went to bed we watched the moon rise over the water-bright orange and reflecting. It was beautiful. It was wonderful waking up in the morning and seeing the sunlight sparkle on the water.
good morning camping

There was fishing, swimming (but unusually cool out, so the only adult persuaded to go in the water with the kids was Paul), knot tying, a crazy scavenger hunt, s’mores making, and generaly just running around happy to be with their friends. In fact, I barely have Clark in any pictures.(uh-oh, and I have some kind of storage upload limit and it wasn’t a flickr photo, so you’ll just have to imagine the one picture I have of him fishing.) But here’s Paul
Sunday we woke up and it was Father’s Day. A happy father’s day to Paul! The bestest dad two kids could have. We kept it low key. Paul’s activity of choice was, bizarrely, to clean out the garage. Which he did. Hey, remember last weekend Clark rode an atv? Well, we decided if could do that he could mow the lawn. And we let him drive the riding mower by himself for the first time. He did pretty well (and best of all considered it a real treat. Let’s hope he keeps that attitude for several years!)
Mowing the Lawn
After cleaning out the garage, we insisted he indulge in a more traditional Father’s Day activity while I made dinner.
required fathers day activity
For dinner I made some grilled chicken and also tried out a recipe I apparently wrote out a while ago and never tried before: Easy Foccaccia. Well, it was easy! I stirred up the dough, let it rise and hour, and then put it in my pan. I topped it with spinach and basil from the garden, a little provolone, and a few sun dried tomatoes I found in a jar in the fridge. It was delicious! I can see myself making this many times this summer, each time just putting on top whatever is ripe in the garden.
"easy foccaccia" is what the recipe said
For dessert I made my favorite shortcake recipe-Almond Cornmeal Shortcakes. I used almonds and cashews because I was apparently blind and couldn’t find (despite searching) the extra bag of almonds sitting right on the counter. They were heavenly.
fathers day dessert
Here is Paul on Father’s Day being a lovely dad:

Father's Day

In the coop: two broody hens have been sitting for two weeks. I can’t wait to see if they hatch anything next week! In the meantime, Paul needs to get on making some new nesting boxes because now we just let Gordon out in the morning so the girls can utilize his hutch for their egg laying. Which they are doing.
In the garden: the peas and lettuce and spinach are delicious! And, also on Father’s Day, I did some catch up weeding (4 days of rain, 2 days of sun led to a weed explosion.) We also came up with a new solution to the pesky weedy pathways, which we’ve tried to mulch and hay into submission. We simply lined them with our large collection of chicken feed bags. Just try to grow through that, you weeds!
Thriving Garden
Thriving Garden
Finally, it’s that time of year again for end of school year teacher gifts. This year I baked them each a loaf of cinnamon bread (with a big crusty cinnamony top) and embroidered a bookmark.
Embroidered bookmarks
It’s our last full day of school-from here on out it’s just piddly little half days!


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  1. Yay for the riding mower! Rider has ben working the push mower for us for a couple of years, and we started him on the riding mower this summer too! Bravo!


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