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(so many songs with honey in them I just didn’t know which to choose! I could have also gone the Pooh route-“It all comes of liking honey so much.”)It was back in March when we discovered our bees had not survived the winter, leaving behind frames filled with honey. We tried with great mess and difficulty to get it out and only got a little. We’ve been biding our time and had the big box of frames in the middle of our kitchen ever since then. I set the last day of school as a deadline to get it out of here and Paul pointed out that now that it’s hot out it should be easier to get out (yes.)
So last night we worked on two of them, using a tip from someone to use a ricer. Ahh, the ricer. Antique, old-fashioned, but what a useful kitchen gadget. I’m glad we have one (and that I knew exactly where to find it!) The process was simple-
1. Slice off the honeycomb
1. Slice off the honeycomb
2. Put it in the ricer
2. Put it in the ancient ricer
3. Squeeze out the honey
3. Squeeze it

4. The honey comes pouring out
4. Funnel it into a jar through a sieve.

Here’s the results of two frames:
5. The Result
See that jar on the far left? It’s from back in March. It looked suspiciously weird-opaque and practically white. But honey doesn’t spoil (the only natural food that doesn’t!) so maybe it was not actually honey?? But, I tasted it and guess what? It is? I think it had just crystallized. It was creamy and delicious. The new stuff is too. Such a light golden color. Isn’t it beautiful?
1. Slice off the honeycomb

5. The Result
I think I will need to bake some homemade bread because surely there is nothing better than a fat slice of homemade bread fresh from the oven with butter and our own honey.


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