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I’ve got a list as long as my arm of sewing projects to start, work on, and complete. Yesterday I decided to finally “whip up” gingham shorts for Tabby and a top for me. I bought the fabric last year for this, extremely inexpensively, so it seemed perfect for experimenting with a new top pattern for myself. I wanted a simple tank top and while I found one online that promised I could make it in 2 hours, I just couldn’t deal with taping together 16 pages of paper and then cutting out the two pattern pieces. I cut the basic shape from the yoke&body pieces I use for the top I always make. I pinned them together and went with that, altering the neckline to my liking. Then I began figuring out how I wanted to gather the fabric. I was going to do a big box pleat, but it didn’t look right. I ended up doing 4 small darts at the neckline. As for the body of the top that needed quite a bit of trying on and adjusting–it turns out that if you don’t want it to look like a maternity top or a sack you’re going to need more than a straight side seam.  I ended up curving in the side seams quite a bit and also putting in two very big darts to fit it.  The back of the top just has some simple gathering at the neckline. Here it is:
Gingham Girls

Gingham Girls

Gingham Girls
As for Tabby’s shorts I think they’re nice, but perhaps fit a bit weird because she tends to wear all her shorts really low and then it’s too poofy in front and falling off her butt in the back. But for $2 worth of material at least she has something to wear with t-shirts that isn’t too tight.
Gingham Girls

In other sewing news I finally finished the top of the Birdhouse in my Soul quilt!! Originally I thought this quilt would be all the pastel and white colors. But when it came time to put a border on (I needed about 8″ all around to make it hang over the top of the bed) I just didn’t like any of the light fabrics-it needed something dark to make the top pop.  Dark blue seemed about right and off I went to Joann’s. What I really wanted was more of that blue polka dot I used on the Thimble Summer quilt, but they didn’t have any. My friend Jen spotted a navy that had little flecks of pastel blue in it that was just perfect.  I bordered the whole thing with it, using 4 remaining green squares in the corners. Now I need to figure out how I’m going to quilt this behemoth. I’m pretty sure it won’t fit in my machine and there’s no way I’m hand quilting it (note my utter lack of progress on the Scrappy Prism Quilt.)
Birdhouse in my Soul top completed

This week I also finished another project-slippers! These “simple” slippers actually took forever, what with the trips to acquire the “jiffy grip” and washable insoles. Finally I had everything I needed and made them. But working with Minky is really a pain and I’m sorry to say that not only did I end up with two different sizes, but the smaller one was too small for my Mom to even get on! (they were a gift for her.) But look-I even put on adorable red velvet flowers! I just couldn’t deal with fixing it then, but hopefully I’ll be able to make it bigger for her, or even just make a new one.

There are now two baby chicks out and about with their moms. They are peepy and adorable.

The newest chick

It’s especially nice that Mary is a mom as it was just last year that she was hatched, almost pecked to death by her mom, and then hand raised by us. And now here she is a year later with a baby of her own!
The newest chick


A happy 4th of July to you! I have not a single red/white/blue photo, clever dessert, or anything else to share. We have no plans so it’s just kind of a bleah day of everyone at home, Paul madly cleaning the house (I never did finish my cleaning projects I started on the first day of vacation.) The 4th is often like this as tomorrow is Clark’s birthday so I’m saving all my special cooking for it as well as special activities. There’s no parades nearby, and the weather today is pretty damp. Although I usually wish people would have barbecues and invite us to them, I’m honestly just as happy to stay home today! (Though I have promised to take everyone to Rita’s if two lost library items are found.)

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  1. I so love the top you made! It looks so good on you, I love the fabric and it is so great that it is custom-made to your body. Lovely!

    • Thank you! I wore it all day and really liked it. I think I’ll try it again now that I have the hang of it.


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