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A Sunday Paddle

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It’s been a long time since we’ve taken the canoe out and with the beautiful weather (and guilt I felt over having a canoe and being so close to a lovely river) I invited my friend Mary Lynn to join me and Tabby canoeing. Really the greatest hindrance to any canoe outing is the car logistics. Since Paul and Clark weren’t going with us we could just be dropped off and picked up. But that still left getting it on the car. I’m sure it’s incredibly irritating to Paul to hear me say every time “I don’t know why this is so hard for us–my dad just tied it on the front, tied it on the back, no problem.” But there you have it. We finally got it on, made it two houses down the road before the whole canoe fell off the front of the car. The kindly neighbor who was outside and saw it happen helped get it secure.  Finally we were on our way.
This river is really so lovely for floating or paddling down. Ample beautiful spots to just stop, stand up, sit or swim in the water, and so on. We saw kids jumping off the bridges of Three Bridges, people fishing, swimming, and enjoying themselves. Not too many other people actually out in a kayak or canoe though. I love how friendly people are on water-we gladly accepted a drink from some guy! We also saw red-winged blackbirds galore, common mergansers, some kind of sandpiper looking bird that I didn’t know what it was, a heron of course, and many little turtles sunning themselves on logs.


The best part was one of the times we stopped and discovered literally hundreds of tadpoles at the water’s edge. You’d better believe we caught them and looked at them.
Some were very new, other had some legs developed but still with the tail, and then we also saw the teeny tiny frogs they turned into (frogs or toadlets, perhaps.)

It was a beautiful and refreshing afternoon, only marred by the strange discovery that the local police have taped off the only legal parking area where we were getting out and aggressively ticketing cars of people enjoying the river. What gives Hillsborough and Branchburg P.D.s?? Don’t stock the river with trout if you’re not going to let the fishermen access it!

And a brief sad p.s. to this post–Quicksilver’s little chick died tonight. 😦 This afternoon it was seeming not quite right-just standing next to its mother, often closing eyes, not looking lively. I picked it up a few times (it didn’t run away) and checked it out, made sure it could drink water, but I don’t know what was wrong with it. A short while later it just died. I hope Mary’s little chick fares better.

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  1. I’m glad you guys love being on a river as much as I do. I may be a latecomer, but I’ve been enjoying it so much.


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