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Happy 9th Birthday Clark!

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Yesterday was Clark’s birthday and what a wonderful day it was! I can’t believe he’s 9! Look how tiny he was
and now–

We begin birthday celebrations early here which means he was awake at the crack of dawn. There was a lot of anticipation with this birthday because he desperately wanted, longed for, hoped for, dreamed of getting a Nintendo 3DS. He thought he would be getting it, but was not 100% certain. And yes, he got it.
The Birthday Boy
We had his now-traditional breakfast of homemade buttermilk waffles and bacon.
Birthday Breakfast: Buttermilk Waffles & Bacon
After that I made the cake and set the barbecue ribs to cooking in the crock pot while he played some Mario game on the new device. Then we took the kids out to the movies to see Earth to Echo, which he really wanted to see and really loved.  We went out to lunch afterward for tacos and although he was eager to get home for more playing, we did manage to get in two geocaches. We couldn’t resist going to one because it was named the Flying Saucer and described as being in a little park that had a piece of playground equipment like you never find nowadays. Indeed, the flying saucer was great. Metal, so it could get nice and hot in the sun, and you could run around and around making it spin faster and faster and seeing if anyone would fly off.
The funny thing is that when you were on it you felt like you were going terrifyingly, dizzyingly fast and yet when you watched it, it appeared to be going quite slowly. A relaxing afternoon followed as he played on his DS and the rest of us just puttered about.

My mother joined us for dinner and arrived bearing gifts-the two games he most especially wanted for the DS. For possibly the first of his birthdays ever it was not hot out and was so beautiful we were able to eat outside.  The ribs turned out to be the best ones I’ve ever made (crock pot, finished off in oven) and I made Trevis potatoes to go with them.  Last week Clark learned how awesome Frisbee is and got quickly good at it, so the birthday gifts included a new Frisbee, which we played after dinner.

Paul also had a little surprise for Clark in the driveway-ye olde Mentos into a bottle of diet Coke experiment.
Ye Olde Diet Coke & Mentos
After that it was time for cake, of course. And what a cake!
Make a Wish
This is the first birthday cake I’ve made him that was not a shaped cake (past cakes: baby blocks, #2, train, dinosaur, volcano, dragon, Kirby, Minecraft creeper.)  It was an Oreo cake and it was delicious. I used the same recipe for the chocolate layers that I used for Paul’s cake (from the back of the Hershey’s cocoa box!) The filling is whipped cream with chopped Oreos folded in. I frosted the outside with some plain whipped cream.  It needs a couple hours in the fridge so the oreos soften up and thicken the filling.  This was so delicious and simple–and I’m not even a fan of Oreos! Actually, it reminded me a lot of the Famous Wafers chocolate cake.
Oreo Cake
It was a very happy 9 year old boy who went to bed last night! We love you, Clark! Wishing you a wonderful year of being 9.


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