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An 80s Inspired Weekend

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Between Pac-Man and Q&*(!Bert on Friday night and Xanadu on Sunday afternoon, there was a lot of 80s nostalgia for us. First up-Clark’s birthday party.  Here’s the cutout Paul made:
Level Up!
To celebrate this year we took Clark and a few of his friends out for pizza and then to an arcade that is predominantly vintage arcade video games.  Did the boys know the games? For the most part, no (though there was a Super Mario Bros.) Did they have fun? Oh yes! Did Paul and I have fun? You’d better believe it. The funny thing is, I was never a video game fan and I am across the board TERRIBLE at them. But I still loved it. Millipede, Space Invaders, Pac-Man, some Star Wars thing, and many more that Paul fondly remembered and enjoyed.
Hanging out in the arcade
Everyone had a great time. Then we took them back to our house for cake, which for the first time…was not made by me! This year Clark requested a cannoli cake from the store. He loved it, though did say that mine are better 🙂  As usual the kids also just had fun visiting the chickens, jumping on the trampoline, and playing together. If I can pat myself on the back here, I think we host great birthday parties!

On Sunday we went to Philadelphia to see Xanadu-not the movie, the musical! Our friend has a theater company and this is their latest production. I really didn’t know what to expect and it was wonderful.
Totally funny and very meta-poking jokes at the original bad movie and the 80s. The jokes flew over the kids’ heads, but they liked the music, roller skates, and costumes. It was a tiny theater (part of Christ Church, actually, Philadelphia’s first something or other church) and the performers were all around us. It was great.  We also visited the Liberty Bell, had lunch at Reading Terminal Market, and enjoyed walking on cobblestones that my favorite founding father, Ben Franklin, had once trod upon. (And cobblestones? Good grief, I can’t even imagine how much people’s feet and ankles hurt back then.)
The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell

Ben Franklin

Last week Tabby was at art camp, which she loved. The theme was “By the Sea” and they made terrific sea inspired projects, which were revealed on the final day at the “art show.” The camp is in an art museum which is very scenicly located. Across from the museum:

Tabby with a couple of her pieces:
Tabby and her by the sea art

This week is the much anticipated nature camp they do for one week each summer. Unfortunately it’s crazy damp and muggy and looks to be so for the whole first half of the week. Additionally Clark has a terrible case of poison ivy right in the middle of the sole of his foot, which is making it painful and difficult for him to run around. Having them both gone is a little preview of what it will be like in the fall when Tabby is at school all day (except I don’t know how long that will last because I will need to be looking for a job.) For now I’m using this week to spend some time preparing for Saturday, when I will have a table at our local farmer’s market. I’ll be selling my aprons (all the ones that didn’t sell at the craft fair 1 1/2 years ago!), a few other sewn items, as well as a big selection of notecards I’ve made from my photography. I hope it goes well!


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