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At long last we are done with the broody hens-the ever patient black hen hatched a chick yesterday! I really didn’t have high hopes for her and when I caught a glimpse of feathers and a cracked shell underneath her yesterday morning I was sure I’d be removing a dead, half-hatched chick later in the day. So imagine my surprise when I looked in on her in the late afternoon and a black puffball of a chick popped up from underneath her!  This morning she took the chick out into the chicken yard where I was able to get a good look at it. The hen remained seated, all fluffed up, while her chick ran in circles around her.
The latest arrival (1 day old)

So now we have two hens that each have one chick (one week and 3 days apart.)
The two mothers and their chicks
Although that seems to be the norm here at our house, it really isn’t the norm for a hen to just have one chick. We also have a mystery of some of the eggs, I swear, vanishing. I removed the single remaining egg from her nest and now all the nesting boxes are refluffed and ready for regular eggs.
Congratulations Mother Hen! (also of note, this baby actually looks like the mother, so it may indeed be her actual chick.)
The latest arrival (1 day old)


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