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A Trip to Chinatown

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Paul’s been wanting to take the kids in to Chinatown for a while and yesterday we were spontaneous and headed on in. Here’s the thing-people always think it’s so great that we live so close to the city. We didn’t have traffic headed in and made it to the end of the Holland Tunnel in exactly  one hour. Great, right? But then we spent 45 tense more minutes stuck in crawling traffic in and around Chinatown where neither a free parking space nor a pricey garage could be found for love or money. Prompting me to at one point say “New York is the Worst.” and Clark to say, “and also the Best.” Too true.  Anyway, we finally parked and got out and promptly had lunch at a non-descript restaurant.  We ordered a few dishes and they were delicious. (and cheap!) The kids loved it, too. From there we just walked around taking in all there was to see: exotic fruits and vegetables like big bunches of lychee nuts and Durian, pharmacies with jars of mysterious dried barks and who-knows-what, markets filled with fish and eels swimming around in tanks, little stores selling figurines of good luck cats, a store that had a whole room of red envelopes, and all kinds of wonderful things.  We bought many wonderful things and finished our day by picking up some fantastic cannoli from Little Italy to eat on the way home. It was a great day!

Clark at lunch

the narrowest, reddest shop ever

How awesome is this fire station?

Bronchy Releever for all your bronchy woes

A fish market was delightfully fascinating. The kids loved it, especially when a gentleman bought one of these pointy headed fish for his dinner and told us all about it.

Trying on kimono and slippers in Pearl River
Previously this week…a wonderful afternoon with dear friends having a “perfect childhood” type of experience wherein the children explored and frolicked in a brook.
Enter summer

And also the much anticipated farmer’s market. Sadly, it just wasn’t worth it. There was a very disappointing lack of attendance at the market.  Much like with our yard sale I did everything right and it just didn’t work out.  I mean, check out how adorable and attractive my stall was!
At the farmer's market

Oh well.  Now we are starting the final of our busy three weeks this summer, with vacation Bible school in the morning and art camp in the afternoon.  The summer is going too fast!!!

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  1. Are any of Clark’s pictures worth posting? You forgot to say that our solar cat seems to be broken.

  2. Wow, China then on to Italy all in one day! I’m with you though, nyc is ok, but such a pain to deal with. Not worth it and I just love where we live. Sorry the farmer’s market didn’t turn out better.😦


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