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Wrapping up July

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Somehow it seems like I’ve been doing a once a week post here this summer. What’s been happening since Chinatown? Well, we had our third busy week. For a family that likes to take it very slow and relaxing in the summer,with usually just one week of nature camp, we found it exhausting to have three weeks in a row of various daily activities (art camp, nature camp, art camp/vbs.) Last week was vacation Bible school in the morning and Clark’s art camp in the afternoon. His art theme was Ancient Egypt and it was really cool. They learned about all kinds of Ancient Egypt things and made a tomb, mummy, village, wrote hieroglyphics on papyrus, and made headdresses and necklaces fit for a king.
Egyptian Art Camp

Egyptian Art Camp

In the garden the tomatoes are slowly but surely ripening, and the blackberries are ripening steadily a bowlful a day.
Today's pickings

The blackberries are ripening!

The blackberries are ripening!
I pick them daily and whatever we don’t eat right then I put into a big freezer bag in the freezer to be made into jam later. Blackberries seem like a gamble-you just never know for sure that what you bite into isn’t going to be sour. Fortunately I’ve had many great big ones that were sun-warmed and super sweet.

In the butterfly garden we were super excited to finally see a monarch enjoying the milkweed. Hooray!
a Monarch Sighting!
According to the naturalist at Duke Farms it will lay one tiny poppy seed sized egg on the underside of a milkweed leaf. So, the only thing they feed on is milkweed and they just lay one little egg? How on earth is this species surviving at all??
The front flower garden is looking cheerful and charming and the mystery gladiolas are blooming all over the place. Despite my best efforts to weed the self seeding morning glory from my actual vegetable beds, I see that some are already blooming on top of the peas (which I never did get around to taking out.)
zinnias & cosmos
I’ve got lots of zucchini and have made another big batch of zucchini bread for the freezer-this time a pina colada zucchini bread. I’ve got my eye on a ripening tomato that I can’t wait to weigh because it’s the biggest thing I’ve ever seen.

And finally, last night Paul and I went to a concert in Camden–Beck and Band of Horses. Oh my gosh, what a fantastic show. First of all our seats were really close (though off to the side.) And it was super loud, which I liked. Band of Horses played a great set-literally only one song I didn’t know, and basically every other song I knew and loved. In fact, they only didn’t play one song I would have liked to hear. They sounded great live-kind of rougher and sloppier than the albums, so just enough different to make it great to hear them live, though not so different that you were thought hey stop messing around. Then Beck came on and interestingly, though he is a much bigger name I knew there would be songs he played that I didn’t know. He did play all the songs I did want to hear and his show was amazing. He may be the most energetic performer I’ve ever seen. All in all, it was a totally crazy, loud, awesome concert. Then we left and immediately were caught in the most intense thunder-lightning-rainstorm I’ve ever been out it and it was terrifying as I was sure we’d get into an accident. We finally made it home at 1:30am-quite a late night for these suburban 40somethings.
Looking forward to a relaxing week of sewing up a patchwork pillow, helping Tabby finish her first embroidery project, maybe tubing down the Delaware, having our cousin for a sleepover, and reading.

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