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I found a book at the library called Scraptherapy. In a nutshell, this quilter’s idea is to take all the scraps in your fabric stash and cut them into 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″, and 5″ squares. She then has many patterns that you can make using those sizes. I think it’s a pretty good idea and am considering attacking my own stash and cutting it up into those sizes (not the big pieces–the true scraps.) Much like deciding to cut your hair, though, I’m kind of hesitant. I’ve had great success using up my weird shaped scraps.  And had I already done so I would not have been able to whip up this lovely rainbow bunting I made last week to decorate my stall at the farmer’s market.
Rainbow Bunting
I had plenty of scrap pieces to make these triangles.  Now it is decorating my kitchen and I love it. (It’s very hard to get a nice picture of a bunting-you’ll just have to deal with seeing basically my kitchen window and shelf and try to focus on the triangles.)

Today I got started on a crafty idea I’ve wanted to do since last year. We were at Grounds for Sculpture and they had a community art project where you basically used fabric and ribbon to decorate wheels, wreath frames, basically circles. So easy and vibrant! So last week I finally picked up a $2 wreath wire frame and then this morning I was cleaning up the sewing room and just sat down and literally used selvedge strips and other scraps to create this.
Scrap Fabric Wreath
It’s not finished yet. I’m going to tie strips on the outside edge to flutter in the wind and then hang this from the garden gate up high.
Scrap Fabric Wreath

Scrap Fabric Wreath
I think it will look lovely in the breeze. It’s possible it will also look eccentric, but I prefer to think that people driving past will admire what a colorful yard we have.  The annuals in the new flower box are looking very cheerful, as are all the gladiolas and Queen Anne’s Lace.
Now, this was not scraps, but rather fabrics I adored and bought for myself on my birthday. I wanted to make some kind of patchwork pillow for the living room. After being extremely indecisive about the layout and rearranging many times, and finally adding in a fabric I already had, I made this.
Patchwork Pillow
It’s four 9-patches sewn together. It’s slightly too big for the pillow form, but I don’t care. It’s cheerful and I love the birdhouse print and it will be just right for resting my head on while reading on the couch.




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