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Summer’s End

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Once we got back from Michigan we had one more good week of relaxation, late bedtimes, and a combination of idle days and busy events before school started. We definitely had the idle days down, and to wrap up Labor Day weekend we went to two festivals two days in a row. First up, ScanFest.
Leif Erickson Viking Ship
This is our 3rd year going and we really love it.   This year there were new foods to try
Copenhagen Street Dogs
and exciting new things to see, such as the Norse games of strength.  This troop of guys from Sweden demonstrated all traditional games that were very easy to imagine men in a Scandinavian village with little else to do entertaining themselves with. At our next party everyone needs to be prepared for these crazy games!
Nordic Games of Strength
Ginger Viking
The next day we went to a Polish festival held at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa in Doylestown, PA.
Of course you wear your Polish eagle shirt to a Polish festival!
The festival was fun-good Polish food and a small midway with rides included in admission. We shrieked with glee and nearly made ourselves sick on the “Extreme” scrambler
Fastest scrambler I've ever been on. I screamed the whole time. The kids loved it.
and the Dizzy Dragons-a ride we laughed at and mocked (it’s for little children.) And then we spun it very rapidly and it was very enclosed and hot and  Paul and I thought we’d throw up, much to the delight of our children. Ah, well.  What was so fascinating to me about the whole experience was the shrine. This place is apparently a big deal. The church was huge with gigantic stained glass
Walls of stained glass, depicting not just religious but also historical scenes
, there were many chapels, statues, a giant store of religious objects, a priest outside the store to bless your purchases, a museum of Polish things, a Polish cafeteria, and the shrine itself.  I grew up Protestant and thus found the whole of idea of Catholicism (confession! communion! nuns!) fascinating. The shrine was like a little cave with a statue in it and people had tucked hundreds of slips of paper (presumably with prayers) into the crevices of the caves.
Our Lady of Czestochowa Shrine
They had also left rosaries and other objects. The whole thing was super interesting.

The rest of the week we puttered about, watched Harry Potter movies for the first time (the kids loved it and I loved seeing them love it), and getting ready for school.  The first day went off with nary a hitch.
First Day of School
We’ve had 4 days of school now and the kids like their teachers and we’re getting adjusted to our new routine.  The biggest change is probably for me–this is the first time that both kids are in school all day, leaving me at home with many hours to myself.  As you know, I have a million to-do lists and hobbies to fill the time.  One goal for myself is to go for a three mile walk every day, and so far I’ve been keeping that up.  Surprisingly I haven’t been online here updating the blog! I meant to do it but had too many other things going on. The kids also started playing soccer, and once again Paul is coaching both of their teams. And so, the busy fall season begins!

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