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Row, row, row your boat

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This week I had a very cool photo opportunity.  My friend Shannon has recently taken up rowing and I offered to take pictures of her and her club out on the water. I watched them get their gear down to the water, get in and situated, then I raced ahead to the bridge and stood up there so I could get shots from above as they went under the bridge a couple of times. It’s amazing how high up out of the water the rowers are seated, and the coxswain must have terrific balance and a tiny butt because she is perched on a teeny seat at the end of the craft and manages not to fall in.  It was fun to watch and I got tons of great pictures. It’s all very scenic-the lovely Delaware river, the wooded banks, the scenic bridge and towns.



Have I mentioned the baby squirrels? There are 5 baby squirrels living in our owl box. This is the second time this summer for baby squirrels to be born there-it must be a prime birthing suite among squirrels. The babies are adorable-about the size of chipmunks, and entertained us very much one night when they all came out.
Baby Squirrels!
Let’s all try to squeeze out at once..
Baby Squirrels!
They all enjoyed nibbling on the box itself.
Baby Squirrels!
We’ve come across them in the past couple of days venturing further away from their nest, crawling about it the pumpkin patch. I don’t know how long they stay in the nest, but they have been very cute to watch.

Yesterday was Rosh Hashanah and the kids had off of school. I wanted to surprise them by going to the beach but the 7 hours of bad weather this week only occurred yesterday. So instead we had a nonstop day of fun: First, we went to the roller rink. This is a pretty old-fashioned roller rink and I love it. At each skating session they do things like the chicken dance, turn the lights down and light up the disco balls, play 4 corners, do the limbo, and so on. It’s like the most wholesome fun you can imagine and you feel very old-fashioned. Clark tried inline skates this time and got the hang of it, but Tabby (even though this was her 3rd or 4th time) really had a hard time. I hope some day they can zip around like the other kids because at times it was torturous watching her just fall down over and over. But overall, super fun, and they play stuff for old people like me(Axel F?) and poppy hits of today that the kids liked.


After skating we went out to lunch at a cafe, where we played Would You Rather? and had much fun coming up with questions. Would you rather spend the day at school on stilts or a pogo stick? Would you rather get stuck at the top of a ferris wheel for 30 minutes or stuck on a scrambler ride for an extra 5 minutes? Would you rather go white water rafting or on a hot air balloon? After lunch we went bowling (this was all along the same country road.) Thank goodness for bumpers because otherwise it would really be no fun at all for kids. We played a couple games, then stopped back at the same cafe to get milkshakes (in seasonal flavors-pumpkin pie and apple cider donut!) for the way home. Back at home we collapsed on the couch and watched National Treasure. A pretty stellar day off!


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  1. Those squirrels! They’re so cute!


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