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A Very Sporty Day for a Non-Sporty Family

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For a family that isn’t especially into sports, we had a day of non-stop sports related activities yesterday—and it was fun! In the morning was the usual Saturday morning soccer. (And I say how non-sporty we are, but Paul liked sports as a kid and he really enjoys coaching both kids’ teams.) Clark’s game was pretty painful to watch and fortunately ended a few minutes early on account of bees swarming onto the field! Tabby’s game was better, but she had two very boring quarters on defense and in goal and the action just never made it down to her end of the field.

Chasing the ball down

After soccer I headed out to Duke Farms to meet our friends, Liz and Eleanor. They had never been there and I’ve been wanting to get them there for a long time. As I expected, they loved it and totally got right into the proper frame of mind-that is, imagining being super rich and living there. We rode our bikes all over and also had a lot of fun taking pictures.
In the Orchid Range


Demon statue


After a couple of hours zipping around Duke Farms I came home to join up with the family again, freshened up (good grief it was hot and sunny, I got way too much sun, and way overheated), and we headed out for the third installment of the day. It was a community & staff event at Princeton and Paul got free tickets to the football game and to an event for kids beforehand. On the track and field area the different teams had set up stations for kids to try out all kinds of athletics. I was impressed with how nice all the college students were to the kids, and so good at showing them and helping them try out things. They kids loved trying out the hurdles, long jump, fencing, the rowing machines, and more.
Princeton Sports
Inside the stadium various community organizations had tables with free stuff and activities. Tabby made a great tiger hat to wear during the game. In case you didn’t know, Princeton’s colors are orange and black, and they are the Tigers. My favorite “spirit wear” I saw during the game was an older gentleman, clearly an alum, wearing an orange blazer with black tiger stripes on it. The marching band also had marvelous uniforms–boaters and black and orange plaid tweedy looking jackets.
Princeton University Marching Band
The game began with quite a bang-on the very first play a very agile Princeton player grabbed the ball and ran all the way with it to score a touchdown in the first 14 seconds of the game. The final score was 56 to 17 and it was pretty fun to watch (if rather long.)
Rah! Rah! Sis boom bah!
The night ended with a spectacular fireworks display right over the stadium . It was a long and tiring day, but definitely a good one. We were all so tired that we had to sleep late and I made delicious waffles (following a new recipe with cinnamon and nutmeg) for breakfast.



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