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Children of the Corn

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These weekends in autumn my Facebook feed is filled with pictures of people apple picking and pumpkin picking. Fall Family Fun seems to be almost required these days and there are tons of places around us within easy distance to have such lovely experiences. Today was the perfect October day-sunny, blue skies, and a happy little chill to the air.  We were going to go apple picking, but decided instead to go to a corn maze.
October Skies
Though this corn maze is in its 18th year, it was our first time there. The maze is at Howell Living Farm, where we’ve previously visited to learn about maple sugaring. Well, let me tell you what a nice afternoon it was. Honestly, much more fun that I would have expected!


The maze itself is 4 acres and is some elaborate design that you wouldn’t know about unless you were flying overhead. The theme was NJ sports history/hometown team.  This was not just the design of the maze, but also the games you played in it.


As you worked your way through the maze there were 10 mailboxes to find. In the mailboxes were tape and a piece of a map. When you had all 10 pieces taped to your gameboard you would have a map of the maze.  There were also 10 questions about sports legends. The answers to these were on signs hidden throughout the maze. Also hidden were signs about team mascots (our local high schools, colleges and professional teams) and sports figures who hailed from NJ (Dick Button! Althea Gibson! Who knew?) So as you explored you found the answers and filled them in. The final mailbox eluded us many times and we almost gave up, but happily did not. When we finally finished (2 hrs 15 min. later) the kids were thrilled to be on the “Victory Bridge.”
It was a great end to a very nice weekend. We all appreciated the soccer games being rained out on Saturday morning and took the opportunity to be cozy-going out to breakfast, undertaking a massive cleaning of the house, and watching a movie.


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