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It’s that time of year where I have to-do lists galore because Tabby’s birthday and Halloween are coming up. My usual m.o. is to not even think of Halloween until after her birthday and I’m sticking with that this year, too. I’m in pony party planning mode.  Our next door neighbor is bringing over her beautiful pony, Molly, for rides for the girls.  Here’s a peek at some other party prep I’m doing today:

IMG_0587Who wouldn’t love a tiny golden pony? I’m enjoying my metallic gold spray paint I’m wondering where else to spray it!

I finally jumped on the bandwagon and joined Instagram. Despite poo-poohing it like crazy I’m actually somewhat enjoying it. My real camera has been giving me a bit of trouble lately so I’ve had to resort to the phone anyway. But the real reason I did it is to participate in a quilting photo a day challenge, which has been very inspiring for me.  I’ve been working a little bit at a time on the Wee Wander quilt, and I just found out I’m getting Birdhouse in My Soul back from the longarm quilter next week.  I’m really enjoying composing and assembling just one or two blocks at a time for Wee Wander. I swear, ever block is cuter than the last and you really can’t go wrong. I have the pieces on a tray and just pick out the components and make pleasing arrangements.

2014-10-15 15.01.16-1


Earlier this week the kids had off for Columbus Day.  I took them and a friend of Clark’s into the Sourlands to go hiking and climbing around on the boulders there. Despite accidentally making us take the long hike they all had a great time. (and also despite the expected stumbles, falls, and skinned knees.) It’s really such a great mountain to enjoy.

2014-10-13 11.42.08

2014-10-13 11.05.39

2014-10-13 13.02.25

Also this past week-apple picking and Paul and I went to a really good play at McCarter last night called “The Understudy.” Only three actors in it and one of them was the guy who played Figaro in the pair of plays we saw in the spring. He’s really good!  Well, my cookie dough is probably chilled enough now for me to go roll it out and make horse head cookies…



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  1. Great idea to spray the horses gold. They look wonderful. Love the colours in your quilt.


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