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Happy Birthday, Tabby!

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Tabby turned 7 yesterday and what a great birthday it was. The celebrating began over the weekend when she had a birthday party at our house.  We had approximately a million little girls (that’s what it seemed like) and a pony & a horse.  Tabby loves horses (even though she doesn’t take riding lessons) and the time had finally come to have a pony party.  Our next door neighbors have two horses and a pony and they happily agreed to bring the pony over for the girls to ride. To everyone’s surprise Molly (the pony) was too upset at hearing her horse friends next door and being separated and she reared up when one of the girls was on her. As you can imagine we adults nearly had heart attacks (while the girls just seemed to accept it as normal.) Molly had to be taken home and Baxter, the placid gigantic horse brought over instead.
Greeting Baxter
It all worked out just fine. I took a picture of every girl on the horse (aren’t the cowboy boots awesome? They were a special birthday gift and arrived in time for her to wear them to the party.)
Tabby riding Molly
which we’ll give to them to put in the picture frames the decorated.  The pinata was great fun

Wacking the pinata
, and as usual the girls seemed to love just running around and attacking our yard with playing (the swings, the treehouse, the tree, etc.) Paul made another dynamite cutout
Another spectacular cutout by Paul
And the favors were a big hit-I baked and frosted horse cookies and tied little golden ponies onto them with pink ribbon.
For the cake I just did a sheet cake, frosted it green, put fencing around it, some ponies on top, and piped on the message. Really easy, but I think it looks adorable!
The cake

I’d say it was a super successful party!
Tabby & BaxterI’m pretty sure it’s a party she’ll always remember. Her actual birthday was a school day, but still lots of fun. I went to visit her classroom and read aloud to the kids (Ghosts in the House, Extra Yarn, and Pet of a Pet-the book that features a girl on a farm named Tabitha, who likes to be called Tabby.) I think she loved all the special attention during the day. In the evening my mom came over for the birthday dinner. The present giving was immensely satisfying. Basically everything was met with gasps, jumping up and down, enthusiastic hugs, and all around being totally thrilled.
Sheer joy at opening a much desired gift

Modeling leopard print earmuffs
We gave her roller skates which she promptly put on and tried to skate around the kitchen. She also got a doll she’s wanted for a long time and a couple other things that she was really excited to receive. And to top it all off, she lost her 8th tooth!

Happy birthday, sweet Tabby!
Happy lucky 7 birthday to Tabby!



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