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Can you feel yourself falling into the holiday season yet? We’re just one week out from Thanksgiving (still don’t know what I’m making), and while I have my awesome Thanksgiving decorations out,

2014-11-09 11.09.12

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to think about getting the house all dressed up for Christmas. I just realized today that we bought new Advent calendars at Bronner’s this summer and I can’t wait to look through the ornaments and see what else we got. Remember last year I was working on an embroidery Christmas project? Well, I’ve had it professionally framed in a beautiful burl wood frame and it is stretched and framed to perfection. I love it and look forward to hanging it.

2014-11-09 12.52.02

I’ve bought a couple of gifts already and am hard at work on a fantastic gift for someone. It’s that time of year where we show-offy crafters cannot show off pictures of our works in progress lest the recipient see the picture.
It's that time of year
Since our return from Florida I’ve been anxious to sew up Tabby’s quilt, finish binding my quilt, and other sewing projects, and just haven’t had a chance. I did make the binding for our quilt

2014-11-12 13.10.26

and machine sewed it to the front. It should just be a matter of a few hours of hand stitching. Ideally suited for evening tv time, except that I seem incapable of watching television upright.
What else has been going on? Well, we finished the soccer season with an extra cold makeup game. Everyone had a fun season, but everyone is also glad it’s over.

2014-11-15 13.48.29

I’m really missing my camera. All these phone pictures! (which just tempts me to overshare on Instagram.) I’m excited that it’s heading into the season where I love to be in my living room for a certain hour in the afternoon when the winter sunlight is perfect for curling up with a book, sewing, etc.

I’ve been very remiss in doing yardwork and our yard is not at all prepped for winter. I did pull up all the remaining carrots in the garden and it was a lot.
Heap of carrots
I’m worried about it looking w/t, but have been assured that since our car isn’t up on blocks in the front yard yet, I don’t need to worry. I’m glad we’re looking at a mild day next week so I can finally yank stuff out of the garden, hopefully get bulbs into the ground by Pippin’s grave, and a bunch of other things. In the meantime, I need to do my annual post about the garden review so that next year I’ll have my tips for myself all nicely laid out.

2014-11-20 12.10.12

Yesterday I spent the day geocaching with a couple of people, one of whom we slightly know already. It was super cold out and we spent 4 1/2 hours hiking around the Watchung Reservation. It was actually really cool and I’m so glad I went with them. In addition to experiencing new kinds of caches, and adding 10 more finds to our list, it was a historically interesting place to visit, with deserted buildings, an old copper vein, and graves from 1776 (which may be distantly related to me?? I need to do a little research.)

Finally, today we are adding to our menagerie. Clark’s class just finished a unit of study on live animals-frogs, crabs, and millipedes, and we will be taking home some of each.  I’m putting my foot down that these creatures are not my responsibility-it’s all on Paul and Clark.

It’s been so long since I’ve done a fun photo with our animals. Here’s Crookybeak, ready to take on the icy temps.

A Hat & Scarf for Crookybeak



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  1. I just bought those Publix pilgrim salt and pepper shakers for my parents! I love them – so cute.


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