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Before we get to the Christmas stuff it wouldn’t do to pass over Thanksgiving. We kicked off the holiday weekend on Wednesday afternoon with the first snow.  It was so nice to have the kids home early, and we cozied up by the fire, watched a movie and ate homemade kettle corn.  It was the perfect start to this festive season.
Thanksgiving Eve/First Snow!
This year we spent a lovely afternoon with my aunt and uncle and cousins.  Pumpkin and apple pies were already accounted for, so I decided to go non-autumnal and I made a coconut cream pie with meringue.  Would you believe I’ve never made a meringue pie before? I think it came out pretty well and I loved how creamy and coconutty it was.
Coconut Cream Angel Pie
I also made a new roll recipe-a Lemon Rosemary Potato roll.  I think these came out well, too, and as they were biscuitty in texture they were especially nice toasted the next day.
Lemon Rosemary Potato Rolls
Some people take nice family portraits on holidays. This year this is what I’ve got:


We all enjoyed the very long weekend very much.  I always feel like when you wake up on Thanksgiving it’s like you’re at the top of a long slide and Christmas is at the bottom. You launch and off you go into a never ending whirlwind of decorating, making merry, celebrating, and so on. So, we’ve launched and began the Christmas decorating right away.  I went shopping with friends, made my first batch of cookies for a Cookie Swap (Cranberry Pistachio Shortbreads-they are delicious.) We’ve gotten out our massive music collection and begun listening, as well as reading our old favorite Christmas stories.


And speaking of stories, in case you missed it last year or wanted a review, last year I did a 25 Days of Christmas Books series, which you can read here.  As usual, we’ve loved seeing our familiar ornaments, including things the children have made in the past.  There are new additions to the scenery.  My mother made us this beautiful quilt:

2014-12-02 13.44.29And my Christmas with the Mousekins stitching is now hanging up

Christmas MagicAs for other Christmas stitching, I finished a top-secret project, am about to finally finish off a little Christmas project I started a couple years ago and forgot about, and am also busy making little seasonal hand towels to hang on an oven door. I made one for me, and one for my aunt so far.
my new sewing project pleasure
They are a nice way to use a little bit of cheerful fabric. I’ve also been helping my friend and faithful reader, Shannon, with a quilting project of her own. She’s new to sewing (though remembers an awful lot from home ec, I have to say) and is putting together a quilt form her kids’ baby clothes. All those stretchy knits have been a challenge but she is ending up with a very nice keepsake.
2014-12-02 11.10.49
Wishing you a wonderful start to the merriest season of the year!
2014-12-02 13.45.12

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