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The Annual Christmas Cookie Party

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It’s been a whirlwind of various Scout meetings, Christmas prep, and Christmas parties, including our very own annual Christmas cookie party.  We tried to figure out how many we’ve had and I believe it was the 8th time we’ve had this event.  There were many delicious entries this year:
Almond Crescents-I made these and they are one of my very favorite Christmas cookies.
Almond crescents with new pipe cleaner tree

Cookie Canes-Paul won with these last year. They are addictive. It’s just the dough of chocolate chip cookies with ground up candy canes in them. And so they melt and get very flat and he slices them into strips with a pizza cutter.
Thumbprints-one of my favorites! I haven’t made mine yet, so I was very happy that our friend Betty did. A delicious classic.
Chocolate Candy Cane something or other-these were gorgeous, made by Melissa. A recipe from last week’s NYT. It was a chocolate cookie, completely enrobed in chocolate, sprinkled with candy cane crumbles.

the prettiest cookie

Chocolate Peanut Butter sandwich cookies by Mary Lynn. Described by her as “they are like hamburgers they are so big” Indeed they were quite large and hearty.
Pumpkin Caramel Thumbprints-Carrie made these and they were heavenly. I could have eaten them all day long.
Pistachio Kisses-I LOVED these. the cookie had pistachio and walnuts in it, was pale green and a nice flat circle, with a chocolate kiss in the middle and some red sprinkles. Far superior to those peanut blossom cookies.
Peppermint Kisses-a chocolate cookie with a peppermint kiss in the middle
Spice Cookies– It was like a drop cookie with “spice chips” in the dough. I have not seen these chips before– like chocolate chips, but orange colored.
String up the Lights-our friend Stephanie said she knew she wouldn’t win on taste, so she went for presentation. Indeed the presentation was spectacular!

"Stringing Up the Lights"

The overall winner were the thumbprints, with the award for Most Christmassy going to Melissa’s chocolatey minty cookies, and Best Looking going to Stephanie’s colored lights cookies.  Prizes were a sequined ornament and the Christmas oven towels for all.
I like to put out some savory things, too, especially a cheese ball.
The blessed Cheese Ball
I also really wanted to finally use the hot pepper jelly I made last year. I mixed it up with cream cheese and…it looked disgusting. Apparently you don’t mix them up together, you pour the jelly on top. Paul described the cottage cheesey looking dip as “unsettling”.  It did taste pretty good, though. Oh, and of course I made hot candied walnuts.
It was lots of fun and immediately afterward we headed out to a holiday parade that our Cub Scouts were in (on a float!)
2014-12-07 19.29.43 2014-12-07 17.26.50

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