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Making our own snow

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Looks like it won’t be a white Christmas next week, but we’ve gone ahead and made our own beautiful snowflakes. I saw this in a book and it’s a very easy, satisfying, project that probably you once did as a science project. Basically you are growing crystals using Borax, and when you use lovely fluffy pipe cleaners twisted into snowflake shapes, the result is glittery gorgeous snowflakes to decorate with.
Making the snowflake shapes proved to be a little difficult for the kids, but they came up with some nice things. And even though I originally said Clark’s looked like asterisks, not snowflakes, once crystallized they looked great. (Sorry, Clark.)
After we made our shapes we mixed up the solution-3 T Borax to 1 c water. The hardest part about this was finding a vessel big enough to dangle the snowflakes into without them lying down or touching each other. Consequently I was mixing up several batches of 4 cups of water (my biggest measuring cup) at a time. Dangle the snowflake in the solution by tying one end to a string and the other end around a chopstick or pencil to rest across the top. Then leave it overnight. In the morning we came down and pulled them out and voila! We need to do another batch (I don’t think I can reuse the solution since it is now filled with crystals). I’ve hung them from the ledge over the big window. Aren’t they pretty?
Oh, and we used all pastel colors, but you could go all blue or white, or whatever you fancy.

I’ve also been holiday baking for us-ginger squares and thumbprints. The Martha Stewart recipe I use comes out perfectly. They are a bit tedious to make, which makes them perfect for once a year special baking. The balls of dough are dipped into egg white and then into a combination of ground up almonds and sugar. When baked it turns into a crispy, sugary, nutty exterior that is heavenly.

I used raspberry and apricot jams.
IMG_0899A terrible calamity happened in the sewing room two days ago. Just as I was about to finish machine quilting the Wee Wander quilt my machine seized up and wouldn’t work anymore!! I’m so eager to finish this by Christmas, along with maybe a couple other things, but it’s out of my hands now. I left it at the repair shop and we’ll just have to wait and see what they say. So I’ve turned to making yet another sequin ornament to satisfying my Christmas creativity needs.

I also took the same idea and stitched two circles together with a big snowflake sequin in the middle, added a bobby pin sleeve to the back and voila! a pretty winter hairclip for Tabby.
Christmas is one week from today!
Santa through the glass


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