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Merry Christmas!

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O Christmas! The most anticipated day of the year, here and gone too quickly, but so wonderful! Our Christmas fun began on Christmas Eve Eve with a half day for the kids and an annual get together with our friends Liz & Eleanor. Many special treats and games were planned, but the plans hit a snag when I was stricken with kidney stone #2 (I don’t know if I mentioned it, but the weekend before Thanksgiving I experienced my first kidney stone. I didn’t know what it was and ended up in the ER in agony.) Anyway, many drugs were taken,  more were obtained, and I’m glad they kept the plans to come up and were able to assist a bit. Happily, I was better for the evening and many games were played, including a cool new storytelling one they brought us. Christmas Eve is always the longest day of the year, but I kind of look forward to filling it up with Monopoly, movies, and stuff.  I loved the vintage looking wrapping paper Liz & Eleanor had wrapped the game in and turned it into a project, decoupaging a tin with cut up bits and glitter. Now it’s a festive little Christmas box just waiting to be filled with jingle bells and Christmas cheer. Or whatever.
Christmas Decoupage
We also let the kids open their gifts from their uncles, thank goodness. Clark had a lego set to put together
Christmas Eve
and Tabby got an EZ Bake oven and immediately began making us teeny tiny cookies.
Christmas Eve
And they both got cool new t-shirts to wear (in fact, Clark is still wearing his and it’s the day after Christmas as I write this.) I made us try to stage a Christmas photo involving Gordon and all three guinea pigs (and “gifts” of carrots) which turned into this:
Merry Christmas! May Santa Bring you What You Wish, but I did get this
Merry Christmas! May Santa Bring you What You Wish
My mom joined us for dinner (lasagna), Porco Rosso was watched, and finally the kids went to bed with visions of, well not sugarplums, but other much desired toys, in their heads. Then….

Christmas morning! O the delight and excitement! Clark was so excited when he ran in and saw the tree surrounded by gifts that he had to fall on the floor (and be copied by Tabby.)


There were plenty of surprises, shrieks of glee, and happy hugs.  We’re not an austere family when it comes to Christmas, and we don’t go in for any of that “kids only” nonsense. I love Paul and love to get him special things, and he feels the same.  It was very fun this year to find in our stockings all kinds of little things that had been picked up from our summer trip to Chinatown. There were also some treasures that had traveled all the way from Disneyworld and Universal Studios.
U-No-Poo Pills from the Weaseley's Joke Shop

Bacon Chocolate Bar, all the way from the Simpsons' Springfield

Clark had two big things he was desperate for this year-a WiiU and a Lego MTT set. The WiiU was the last gift opened and poor Clark was clearly getting more and more worried that it wasn’t going to happen, but it did (and then he was so relieved he just had to collapse on me)


and we have been having so much fun playing all the new Mario Kart 8 races.


Since Tabby is constantly wearing her roller skates Santa had found roller skates for her doll, Molly.
Roller Skating Girls: Santa brought Molly skates to go along with Tabby's
Paul had gotten many cool gifts via Kickstarter and Groupon this year.Tabby especially loves the I am Elemental action figures for girls that was a Kickstarter campaign (I’d not seen it, he said he did it over the summer and it has since picked up in success.) I had one of Paul’s beautiful oil paintings framed for him, there were new board games, exciting new fabrics and inspiring sewing books, and two super cookbooks I’d had out from the library earlier this year and really wanted. I got a new hula hoop that has bumps on it (“I got it for you because your other one hurts you” “This one hurts me in a different way!”)
hoopin' (Paul got me a second hoop and tried both at the same time)
Tabby made me a Christmas hair decorations.
Tabby & Me (wearing the hair bow she made me)
There were new cds to listen to and it was a big merry mess.
The Aftermath-a fave annual picture. Clearly we don't clean up as we unwrap but save it all until the very end.
My mom came over and made Clark’s second Christmas wish come true by giving him the Lego MTT set, which he then spent the rest of the day and evening assembling. All 954 pieces.
Clark and his second most anticipated gift which he nearly expired waiting for. And then spent all day putting together all 950 pieces.
I kept asking didn’t he want to draw out the putting together over the next few days? But no, apparently it must be built immediately so that the finished product could be played with. Mom knitted scarves for Tabby and I that we love and we gave her fabric, too. It was not only a green Christmas, but also warm enough that we didn’t even have a fire going. We managed to step outside of cozy mess long enough to take some family pictures, which I love.
Family Portrait

Sarah & Paul

Me & My Mom

It was a leisurely day with sticky buns and bacon, snacks, and roast turkey. By the time we were watching The Lego Movie after dinner I was falling asleep. Paul and I didn’t even watch A Christmas Story-how untraditional of us! It was a warm and wonderful day and I wish all of you who have read this a wonderful holiday as well. In a very happy turn of events Paul is not working today, which is just sensible frankly. Hooray! We get to meet my oldest dear friend and her family for lunch. And also look at all of our presents again and play with them all. And later this weekend we’re going to see the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Merry Christmas!


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