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Lovely Long Weekends

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We’ve just finished up a lovely long weekend filled with sewing, knitting, outings, and anniversary celebrations.  First, the knitting. I’m definitely messing up my hands a bit as I learn this new skill. I’ve had some more tendonitis pains as well as intense tingling like pins and needles in my hands. Who knew that the knitting actions would be so foreign to my hand muscles??? I’m still enjoying the novelty of being able to do just a row or two at a time, and the very small number of supplies needed. On Saturday I brought it with me in the car and happily knitted while we drove to Trenton.
More knitting
I’ve now got a pretty large rectangle-about 7″ x 9″.
More knitting
Had I known this would turn into a scarf I’d never have made it so wide. If I could figure out how to turn it into a tea cozy I would! Also, there’s no way that it’s not going to end up being two colors because I think I’ll run out of yarn before it’s long enough to make it around my neck. And to go along with it I’ve been reading The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club, which was delightful. It’s like knitting is all around!
But don’t think I’ve forgotten my love of sewing. On Sunday I spent a wonderful afternoon assembling the quilt sandwich of the baby quilt and spent a happy couple hours typing it all in coordinating embroidery floss while everyone was out and my beloved Anne of Green Gables played. Of course I had some cats try to help me, too.
Cats and quilts
I just need to put the binding on (today?) and then this charming purple baby quilt is done. I’ve also got a pile of mending/hemming/badge sewing to do.
Saturday was our 11th wedding anniversary and just like on our original wedding day it was a beautiful sunny cold winter’s day. We all went to the NJ State Museum in Trenton. Despite living most of my life and hour away, as well going to college for 4 years in Trenton, it was my first time going there! We had a groupon to visit the planetarium as well as the museum and it was a very nice afternoon.
A visit to the State Museum

I loved how the whole capitol complex is right along the river, which was filled with huge chunks of snow and ice.
A visit to the State Museum
It’s a pretty small museum with varied exhibits. I thought the Passenger Pigeon exhibit was most interesting. I also liked the strange assortment of various historic objects, including an amazing crazy quilt from 1886, that was beautifully preserved. The planetarium show about black holes was very interestng and it was a nice afternoon. Only made better by returning home to find that the new Decemberists’ album had arrived (and it’s not even out until today!)


We already have tickets to see them in April for my birthday, so that is pretty exciting. In the evening Paul and I went out to a great casual German biergarten. All in all a lovely anniversary, and a lovely long weekend. (While Paul didn’t have off for MLK day the kids did.)

Other assorted notes: all of our fiddler crabs died. They died all at once and we’re fairly certain that our house got too cold for them and they froze to death.  In lighter news, the days are definitely getting longer, which means more daylight hours, which means our hens have started laying eggs again!
The days really are getting longer-my girls started laying again! (of course the eggs are probably frozen...) #chickens #springiscoming #farmette


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