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Well, the past week has been filled with wintry weather, snowy expectations, and cozy times.  We all had lots of plans on Saturday which were cancelled due to snow, which turned out to be not all that much ultimately, but we relished the empty day and it was like a checklist of snow days things: a roaring fire, knitting, watching Spirited Away (because in our house nothing says snowy afternoon like Hiyao Miyazaki), baking biscotti, finishing a quilt, special breakfast (toasted coconut Dutch baby pancake),
Dutch Baby
and playing in the snow.
in the snow

Hanging out with a new snow friend
Sunday was back to normal and the main event was the rescheduled from Saturday Pinewood Derby.  This event is always so much fun. This year Clark made his car to fit in the category of “Most Scout-like” and he made it look like the Arrow of Light, which is the highest Cub Scout achievement and he’ll receive next year.
Pinewood Derby 2015
Sadly he didn’t win (the votes are cast by the kids which means that things of questionable taste always win, plus I think the younger boys didn’t know what the Arrow of Light is, but the other Webelos thought it was really cool), but he didn’t mind at all. And he was thrilled that he came in third place in his den.
Pinewood Derby 2015
All the buzz Sunday night was about the impending blizzard, and our school called for an early dismissal on Monday. Tabby stayed home sick with a terrible cold and helped me get ready for the storm, which basically meant going to the library and picking up my holds because my goodness I couldn’t be without the book I currently most want to read, could I? Also we picked up some ice cream because we’ve adopted my friend’s tradition of ice cream for breakfast on the first snow day of the year.  We also invited my mom to come and stay with us for the duration.  It was a merry afternoon watching the snow fall, playing Scrabble, watching both Nanny McPhee movies, playing games, and making a retro tater tot casserole with the leftover chili. In a high level of excitement we went to bed, eager to see the promised 2 feet of snow in the morning.  When we awoke we could tell right away that there was not much snow because we could hear cars easily driving down our road. Yep. The big storm bust. I was disappointed to not have a ton of snow to play in, but delighted that everyone had the day off already and it couldn’t be taken back. And although the clear roads meant we certainly could have gone out and done things or been social, we kept it a cozy quiet day inside with games and watching The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Once the snow was done coming down and the sun came out it was absolutely beautiful and blindingly bright.  I’ve really enjoyed watching Gordon in the snow.
Gordon in the snow

At first I just let him out for a few supervised snowy minutes.  He bounded across the snow to his bathroom area.  The chickens have hated the snow and been extremely reluctant to come out. Fools! Gordon figured out that under the coop is nice and not snowy.
In the Coop
Meanwhile, with some of the girls laying eggs again Gordon’s hutch has again become a coveted laying spot.
This morning I found a hen in his hutch actually drinking from his water bottle! How does a chicken know how to do that??
identity crisis

I’ve also been knitting quite a bit and finished the green yarn that I had and began a new color. The variegated purple/green I had blended in really well, and after some terrible rows that my mom had to rip out for me I’ve got the stockinette down (knit a row, purl a row!).
knitting progress
As soon as this is long enough to go round my neck I’m stopping. It’s ludicrously wide and I swear looks like a whole panel of a child’s sweater.
knitting progress
Knitting is so different from sewing that I can’t get over all the things I’m realizing that knitters probably just take for granted, but are a surprise to me. The main thing, specifically, is that you really can’t fudge it and just make up stuff. And it seems like things need to be planned out far in advance. This “scarf” is a good way for me to learn these first basics, though.
Throughout all this the kids both had colds and they ended up staying home today, as well. Somehow today is less fun. They are snotty enough to stay home, but well enough that they are filled with cooped up energy.

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  1. I love that purple variegated yarn with the green! It looks so good together – great choice! 😀

  2. Sorry the kids are sick. That stinks.


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