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My First Knitting Project-done!

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Modeling my knitwear
I did it! I actually knitted something and I think it’s both functional and attractive.  There was no plan here to a finished product-this was all about learning how to knit and purl and figuring out what knitting is all about.  You’d be surprised (if you are a knitter) to find out just how long it took me to figure out how knitting and purling together make the stockinette stitch (ohhhhh! it’s the reverse because you flipped it over…)  As I had no pattern in mind I just practiced each of those things as I wished, creating a nice random texture of lines.  I used up the green yarn and just moved on to the variegated purple and green. Fortunately they flowed pretty well together.  I dropped stitches, picked up stitches, and what not, as you can see by the finished shape.
The finished product-a big wonky rectangle
I was startled and frustrated to find out how you can’t just muddle through, guess, or hope it all works out.  It was also extremely difficult for me to fix things as I genuinely had no understanding (nor did I really gain any) about how it all works in the first place (loops? the yarn goes where?)  I assume that will come with more time and practice.

I feel like with quilting you’re typically thinking from the center out, i.e. the border goes on last; whereas knitting has a different progression and you would think about the edges as part of the overall planning right from the start.  That was hard to get my head around, and also what led to me starting with such a wide thing (practicing casting on, and I just kept going. It began with 38 stitches.)  So had I made this half the width it would have been a normal scarf, rather than this short wide, fold it in half around your neck.
It's very wide so a sparkly purple brooch was just the thing

All that said…I’m totally proud that 3 weeks ago I’d never knitted a stitch and through YouTube videos and asking my mom and friends for help (my mom had to take out a row for me, which I couldn’t figure out), I managed to produce something that I actually like!
The knitter and her toolsAnd, also pleased that I finished it up with enough time to run outside and do a photo shoot in the afternoon sunshine 🙂  I’m pretty excited to add a new skill and am looking forward to trying out more things.



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  1. I’m so proud of you! You are officially a knitter!

  2. Hooray for venturing into the unknown territory of knitting. Good job!


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