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Wee Wander for Tabby

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It’s done! I am so pleased to finish out this week of productivity (first the baby quilt, then the knitting) with Tabby’s quilt.  You might recall that I was very close to finishing it when my sewing machine broke. So after a little over a month’s break I picked it up on Thursday and spent the day finishing the machine quilting. Then Friday made the binding and sewed it on. Then Saturday and Sunday did the hand sewing of the binding and the embroidery of the signature/date.  Done! Oh, and also on Friday I made up a pillowcase to match. So, without further ado, here is the finished product front:
Wee Wander Front
and back:
Wee Wander back (I really love how the square quilting shows up on it.)
Now, on to the process and details. We ordered this fabric a year ago.  When this line launched I knew it would be perfect for her.  The colors are gorgeous and the images are absolutely charming. We had so much trouble deciding on which fabrics in it we liked the most that we ended up ordering a  bundle package that included a piece of every fabric in the line.  One of the things I like so much about it is that though there are two colorways, they blend perfectly together.  I deliberately mixed the colors the together and love it came out. Then on to deciding on a pattern, which of course took a while.  Originally we thought we’d use the big panel fabric as a center.  However, after much deliberation and drawing we went with blocks that would showcase a fussy cut center square and a promise to use the big panel as a pillowcase.
A few favorite block close-ups
I’ve written before about what a pleasing process it was to create each square one at a time.  These fabrics invited a lot of fussy cutting as there were sweet pictures galore.  Tabby loved how I cut out some to have people in the border in pieces.  She says you can play “Find the Human” when you look at it.
"Find the Human"-so many different blocks to look at.

A few favorite block close-ups

A few favorite block close-ups
Then on to deciding how to finish it. I asked Tabby what she wanted for a border and she was paralyzed with indecision. I decided to go with the darker blue and use the hot pink as the binding, and when I see it finished I know it was the perfect choice. The blue anchors the beautiful jewel toned squares and the pink is a perfect pop.  Because I like to make my binding and consider it one last opportunity for a little whimsy and personalization I added two pieces in there that are the cream with blue birds.
The binding is pink with two surprise spots of cream with birds.
As for the backing, I love to do a pieced back.  I bought a pale pink solid and then used a bright pink I had in my stash, along with more of the Wee Wander fabric to do a special block.  It’s here that I embroidered the date and message.  I love embroidering but good golly it’s a pain in the butt and difficult to do on top of the fabric when you can’t go all the way through (and I do it last so that it doesn’t get quilted upon.)
The special block on the back, embroidered with year and names
I love how the back looks and shows the square quilting and makes a great design.  There are straight lines that go the length and width of the quilt, intersecting in the small squares. Then I did a square just on the inside of each center square. You can see from the straight quilting lines that it doesn’t line up quite right with the pieced fabric, but that’s ok.

It was a pleasure to finish with plenty of time to take pictures outside and make her bed for her to sleep in it.
I made a matching pillowcase with the large panel fabric
So now Clark has his robot quilt, Tabby has her wee wander quilt, and Paul and I have the snowball quilt. I love having made something special for each of us.
It's super soft and cozy

Finished! I am so excited to have finished my #weewander quilt. I know my daughter will love it forever. With@sarahjanestudios gorgeous fabric how could you go wrong? #quilting #quilt


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  1. Very nice. It’s so much fun to create special things for family and even more fun to see their happy smiles of appreciation. Your blog is the only one I ALWAYS read – so real and true-life posts.

  2. This quilt is so lovely! I just love all the fussy cuts you did. Surely this will be a quilt that Tabby treasures for years to come.

  3. Pretty quilt! I love the way you worked out the colour distribution.


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