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Pie Day 12

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Pie Day 12
One of the most fun parties of the year-the annual Pie Day party! We always love going to our friends’ Pie Day Party and spending several happy hours sampling all the pies people bring. Various pizza pies are usually the heart of the dinner pies and this year I brought one (after looking at previous posts and realizing that I always bring a dessert pie, save the one year I brought a spinach and chicken pie in a phyllo crust.) So, I made a Hawaiian pizza, as that is my favorite homemade pizza to make. And Paul made a sweet potato pie.

Here is the run-down of the other pies.

Bacon Explosion-a miniature pie filled with bacon and other meats. These were extremely tasty bites.

Pie Day 12
Tomato Pie-the traditional
Italian Easter Pie-this thing weighed over 11 lbs and was filled with various cured meats. It was delicious.
Pie Day 12
Bacon and onion-a standard looking pizza with heavenly bacon and onion on it. I really liked this.
Hawaiian-what I made
Pie Day 12
Kale,  beet pesto, goat cheese-this was definitely the prettiest. The beet pesto was a beautiful color and it was a smooth spread. I don’t care for kale but I couldn’t even taste it on this. The goat cheese was great.
Pie Day 12
Salad on a flatbread-I’m not sure what else to call this. The bottom was crescent rolls, then spread with a cream cheese/ranch dressing mixture, then topped with salad stuff. The lightest thing you would eat all night!
Stilton & mushroom pie in a puff pastry crust-no way would I eat this because of the Stilton, but Paul tasted it and said it was good.
Sausage Pie-meat, meat, meat.
Individual pastries with a hamburger filling that included ketchup and mustard built in

Dessert: There were some heavy duty intensely chocolatey/candy bar like pies this year
Pie Day 12

Rice krispie crust with a chocolate ice cream filling and little peanut butter cups
Some kind of mocha pie
Paul’s sweet potato pie-This was delicious. Both then and the next day when I had a sliver for breakfast and found it even better. This was from my new cookbook and featured a “no roll out  pie crust”, which I have to say seemed more trouble than just making a regular old pie crust.
Pie Day 12
A biscoff crust with a nutella/mascarpone filling and meringue on top. I liked this creative concoction quite a bit.
Individual little heart shaped (it was Valentine’s Day after all) pies with lemon curd in the middle

It seemed like there was not quite as much crazy creativity as in years past, but everything certainly tasted delicious. Another couple is hosting their own pie party in NJ next week so we have the opportunity to try out something else. Pie is perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert-why not make a pie today?


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  1. That looks like such a great night!!!! The Italian Easter pie looks exactly like mine!!! That’s rare as mine usually differs from the ones I have seen from other Italian families in my area. Stay warm more snow coming our way!
    Be well,


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