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I am making great progress on the scrappy prism quilt.  I only have two sections left to hand-quilt and so far it looks just like I imagined it would. It’s pretty wrinkly, but you get the idea.
Quilting Progress

Quilting Progress
Here’s how it shows up on the back
Quilting Progress
I think I will do an outline of the Dresden plate, just to anchor that center section better.
I can’t wait to finish, trim, bind, and wash!(OK, writing that it really does seem a lot of steps away from being done…) I think the diamonds are going to fluff up wonderfully. And, for all that I worried my stitches weren’t good enough, I think ultimately I am proud of them and how they look.
Quilting Progress
I’m pausing on the Christmas block quilt for now to do another quick project. This one will be a subway tile style quilt, like I’ve made twice before. The main color will be red with pops of turquoise and white so it won’t be so intense and also won’t be red-white-blue patriotic. Here’s what I had in my fabric stash, and I’ll be adding more. (and cutting the blocks shorter.)

Since I last wrote we enjoyed St. Patrick’s Day. For us that just means we make the full corned beef and cabbage dinner and I also make Irish soda bread (always using my friend Denise’s recipe.)
Irish Soda Bread
Is there anything more delicious fresh from the oven, spread with butter?
Irish Soda Bread
Tabby and I marched in a big parade with our Girl Scout troop, and although it was chilly we had a good time.
@the parade

Irish Daisy
Although you are supposed to plant your snow peas on St. Patrick’s Day that definitely is not happening this week. I suppose I do regret a bit not tidying up the garden better because it definitely will need some raking, cleaning up, and turning over of soil before any peas can go in there. A few mild(relatively) days have had us excited for spring and nearly all the snow has melted. It was so very March out yesterday-brightly sunny, chilly, windy, that I felt sure if I looked I’d find a crocus, and…I did. So here it is, indistinguishable from every other “first crocus of the year” picture, but I can guarantee you this is the 2015 one!
First Spring Flower!!


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  1. Ugh, I can’t believe it’s going to snow Friday. 😢

  2. Your prism quilt is so gorgeous! I still am in awe of how much handstitching you’re doing! It’s awesome!


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