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After the thrill of our trip to Denver our return to NJ was very pleasant as when we returned it seemed so did Spring. For real. Crocuses blooming, buds on trees, warm spring breezes, and peepers at night. Every day shows a few new things blooming, a brighter tinge of green to the grass, a bit more yellow on the forsythia hedges, and a feeling that yeah, it’s worth hanging out outside and doing something. I’ve been meaning to write something here since we got back, so I think I’ll just do some  thematic recapping

So, the aforementioned blooms:

mosaic6a966ad120dd9e3e94cb3cdd66be6b637da3a847 (1)

Activities: The warm and welcome weather has had us busy: hiking in the Sourlands, playing Frisbee, riding our bikes, trampolining

Bike rides after school.yes! Light enough AND warm enough

Events: Easter. A low key Easter, a lovely afternoon at my mom’s.
2015-04-05 10.12.52
I contributed nothing to the delicious feast. But here’s a picture of some amazing lemon bars I made yesterday. Look what a bright yellow they are! I attribute that to using our ladies’ eggs, which have exceptional yolks.
Lemon Bars
Also in the events category, Paul and I went to see The Decemberists, a concert I’ve been looking forward to for 6 months. After Neil Young the Decemberists were in the #2 or 3 spot of bands I’d dearly like to see someday. And I can tell you that they did not disappoint and the show was INCREDIBLE. We saw them at the Academy of Music (same place as Neil) and had great seats in a box on the side. The crowd was great, the music sounded so good I couldn’t believe it, the songs I desperately wanted to hear live were all I hoped they’d be and more, and it was just overall an amazing and fantastic night. This is going to be a big year of concerts for us-we’ve got five more lined up for the year (and none of them will be as good as this. They just couldn’t be!)

Garden: I planted peas but haven’t watered them which is probably why they are not really bursting forth from the ground. Assessing our yard I’m thinking next fall to plant daffodils in a big mass somewhere so we have less of this scattered effect. Also, we locked up our chickens a year ago and yet we still have big dirt patches in our yard. Why no grass? I feel like a lot of things really look like they need sprucing up/cleaning out/rebuilding/etc. I’m sure that Paul is not happy about that but I don’t want everything to just fall into ugly disrepair! (some people a few houses down have had a couch out at the curb for almost 6 months now. It has me incensed. Do they think it will magically disappear? It makes the neighborhood look so trashy. And no one wants your couch that has been outside all winter.)

In the Coop: Spring fever is rampant in the chicken coop and to our shock our dear bunny Gordon is, ahem, trying to get busy with one of the hens.  Oh, Gordie! Gordon and the chickens are loving the warm sun and stretching out in the dirt, busily dusting, and we’re getting between 4 and 7 eggs a day!
long bunny

in the coopSewing: I’ve been busy trying to finish up a special quilt. Hopefully it will be done tonight and then tomorrow can be photographed and I can tell you all about it. Here’s a sneak peek:
red quilt


Happy Spring!


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