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A Quilt for Lyndsey

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My latest quilt has been finished, shipped, and received so I can go ahead and write about it now.
Red subway tile scrap quilt finished!  I love how this came out so much more than I thought I would (I was apprehensive about using reds).

The Red Quilt
This one was a gift for my cousin’s daughter, who was diagnosed with leukemia this spring. They live far away so I can’t  go cook them a meal, but I can make a quilt, so I knew that’s what I wanted to do. You might recall that when my friend Megan was diagnosed with cancer I also made her a quilt. It just seems like there are so many hours one might spend on a couch, in a chair, getting chemo, tired, or whatnot, that a special quilt to wrap up in would be comforting to have.  The quilt I made for Megan was, in fact, the one that got me interested in making rectangular patchwork-a subway tile quilt.  Hers was shades of purple and green, then I went on to make one for us that was autumn themed. I love the idea of just having main color theme for this style so I asked her favorite color and was told red. Now, I have to admit that gave me pause. Red is not a color I tend to think of blending easily among the various shades of red, I also wondered if I even had enough scraps in my collection. But then I thought of that one square of the scrappy prism quilt and I thought that it could be done. It would need whites in with it, but what else? Red,white, and blue is too patriotic, and red and green, too Christmassy. But when I sorted through my red fabrics I was pleased to find that I had several that were red and blue, but the blue was turquoise. There it was then, red prints with pops of turquoise. I did buy some fabric to supplement (and for the backing), but was very happy to find I had ever so many prints that would fit in with the colors scheme and style. And, in true scrap patchwork fashion, I was able to fussy cut some special prints, and also include some fabrics that came from special past projects. Plus, you know I like a bit of fun finds for the eye.  So there’s the Indian inspired elephant from the kimono I made for Mary Lynn, a little car, some novelty newsprint, the beautiful turquoise with sailboats, and one little piece of yellow, with red-hatted gnomes.
The Red Quilt

The Red Quilt
I also asked my sewing friends for some of their red pieces, so their good wishes are sewn into this too.
The backing is a nice dotted turquoise with a band of red and an appliqued heart, where I did my embroidering of inscription and date.
The Red Quilt

quilter's signature
The binding is pieced with a few of the main reds, plus one section of the turquoise on each of the four sides.  It is machine quilted in straight lines on either side of the long horizontal seams.
red quiltThe strips are 3″ wide, with a few rows being 2 1/2″ wide (because I used some jellyroll pieces) and variable length. I laid everything out on the floor, and then picked up and sewed each row. Of course after I finally had it all laid out in a pleasing array I went to fetch my camera to take a photo for reference and while out of the room heard a happy meow, and came back in to find a wicked cat had leapt into it, leaving this:
2015-04-08 10.10.48

I ended up rearranging a lot and got an even better arrangement. So thanks, wicked kitty! (who was then barricaded out)
I enjoyed making this so much, and the result, that I swear I just want to make a series of main color scrap quilts.

My cousin has two daughters and my mom thought it would be nice for her to make a quilt for Lyndsey’s sister. She made a beautiful whimsical quilt that features all different appliqued birds all over it with a worm at the bottom. Every bird is different with a separate beak, wing, and legs. I loved her variety of fun fabriks (a lot of batik), and the flannel backing. And she finished this labor intensive beauty much faster than I did mine!! How does she do it?
Mom's Quilt
Girls, we send you lots of love and quilty hugs! Love, Cousin Sarah and Aunt Joan
Mom and I, with our quilts


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  1. Oh, how I love your subway tile quilts! They are always just beautiful and so carefully thought out. Your mom’s bird quilt is adorable, too!

  2. I can doit because I live alone and do not work. Mom


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