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A New Sewing Direction

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Now that I’ve finished my most recent quilt I’m taking a break from quilting and turning all my sewing attentions to clothes. Last week I took a trip to Pennington Quilt Works to use my birthday coupon, and after getting a few things from there and taking them home I took a good look at all the fabric I already had set aside for things I haven’t made. A big cleanup of the sewing area, sorting out of the patterns, and organizing the garment fabrics, and I’m all set. It turns out I have quite a few things in the works for both me and Tabby.

That top fabric is a linen and it was quite a pricey splurge for me. It is destined to be an adorable a-line skirt. But first I’m going to make the skirt pattern out of another lovely, though less pricey, linen I bought for myself in Denver. There are other fabrics in there destined to be tank tops, blouses, skirts, and such.
I got the new sewing regime started by first making not a garment, but a project that I don’t know why it took me so long-pillowcases to go with the Birdhouse in my Soul quilt. I love how easy it is to make a pillowcase with a contrasting cuff and embellishment.
2015-04-24 15.11.59

Then I moved on to making a nightgown for myself out of fabric that was last year’s PQW treat-the Heather Ross Briar Rose jersey. I made Tabby a little nightie last year and have had the fabric around to make myself a matching one, but just didn’t get on it. My end result is a bit of a trapeze dress, but it’s nice and soft.

2015-04-24 15.12.07

Finally, I made up a tank top from the free Colette Sorbetto Tank pattern.  I thought this might be a nice easy workhorse of a pattern, but before I made up the fancy silky pink fabric I’d just bought, I thought I should try it out in the bought two years and it was on clearance for $2/yd  zigzag thin cotton. I think it came out great! This is definitely a pattern I’ll now be using for other fabrics and it’s super easy to add details.

2015-04-24 15.12.20Now I’m all set to see how many of these projects I can follow through on in the next month or so…



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  1. Oh, so many lovely fabrics! I admire your ability to make wearable clothes – that’s something I haven’t yet achieved. And that chevron fabric is just perfect for spring and summer, I love it!


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