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We are in the thick of spring and man is it beautiful. The past week or more the colors have been so intense-that gorgeous spring green that is so vibrant, the chartreuse of the new leaves filling in more and more every day. It practically looks fake. The dandelions-too yellow!  Mr and Mrs Cardinal at the window -they have preposterously orange beaks! The red and pink tulips look like they were painted, and the blue sky with white clouds is clearly painted by some kindergardener. Of all the spring sights my favorite is the bright green grass polka dotted with yellow dandelions. I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t love seeing such a cheerful sight in their yard. In our yard, in addition to the yellow polka dots, there are also carpets of violets and some other purple weed. I adore it.
You know who else loves dandelions? Gordon. He has been oh-so-happy eating up not just the dandelion leaves, but also the yellow flower itself.  He continues to love that one particular hen, by the way.
The unwelcome suitorElsewhere in the chicken coop, the height of spring means lots of eggs. Yesterday I collected 8! And today I saw these two sharing a box. Chickens are so funny with their peculiar habits and personalities.
Early bedtimes have gone out the window because it’s just too easy after dinner to go outside and jump on the trampoline, wander around, or what have you. We got rid of our old grill and got a nice new one. I laughed when it arrived because it was so small (“Is this for apartment dwellers with tiny balconies?”) but was delighted to find out it is fantastic and just right for us. I tried it out myself last night with some pork and bacon kebabs.
2015-05-05 18.40.37
Around the yard I am filled with thoughts of gardening, but not much action. My peas and lettuce have come up nicely, but I really need to get my fencing in and also plant some more things.
This spring we were pretty bummed to discover that our gorgeous rhododendron is apparently dead. It’s been such a beautiful part of our backyard, but at the very least all the dead things need to be trimmed away, leaving just the trunk to hopefully regrow, and at the worst just cut it completely out.


Either way the birds will be sad. And they will also be sad because we are likely taking down the very big pine tree in our front yard. It’s been dying more and more each year and is definitely not getting better. So we might have some landscape changes this year. And speaking of birds, we are delighted to have a return to activity at our feeders-Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal, goldfinches, blue jays, have all come back and we are happy to see them. And there are two frogs in our pond!
I was thrilled this past weekend to finally go to the famed VNA Rummage Sale, held twice a year not too far from here. As my friends promised, it was awesome. So amazingly organized and basically anything you could possibly want. Need to outfit a kitchen completely from scratch? Go there. Inexpensive sporting goods? Go there. Delightful vintage stuff? go there. I think I was actually too restrained and should have bought more. I was keenly interested in the sewing/fabric tent, as Mary Lynn has brought me goodies from there in the past. I got great bundles of fabric, zippers (they’ll be an integral part of the next post), patterns, hoops, and napkins.

And to end this post I have the happiest news of all (in my world). At long last our road is going to be repaved! We have been waiting for this, literally, for ELEVEN YEARS. I have raged about the condition of our road endlessly and we are super excited. My hopes won’t get too high though because at this point I don’t trust our town to not F up the whole thing and leave it just as crappy as it has been.

Actually one more thing. So, we listen to WXPN and are fans of Kids Corner, the weeknight program for kids. Three times now Tabby has called in and been on the air and she called again last night. The topic was “tell us why your mom is special.” I’m just going to come right out and say I got teary and nearly died of love and pride listening to my child on the air saying really nice things about me.(Apparently I am special because I read her books every night, am a great cook-the host sounded thrilled by my pork & bacon kebabs, which got a shout out-, and am very kind.) So, yeah. I’m still riding that high. Thanks, Tab.

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I'm a librarian living with my lovely family in a gorgeous spot of New Jersey, where we raise chickens and love the outdoors. I try to find enough time to indulge all my hobbies-cooking, photography, gardening, sewing, and I write about it all on my book blog & personal blog.

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  1. If you were just scroll through the photos of this post, and don’t read the text between them, it’s startling to go from the chickens to the kebobs!


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